Sunday, March 24, 2013

2013 - Week 12 Recap

Men!  Sigh.  So we've just finished up week 2 of the revised eating plan, and so far, things have been going pretty well.  It's interesting because neither of us has had any really big food cravings lately, and Hubs has been an extremely good boy and nothing bad has crossed his lips...I, however, must confess...I was at a work function this week and a few appetizer meatballs found their way to my mouth.  While they were absolutely delicious, they proceeded to sit there all night like little lead weights in my tummy...blargh, lesson learned.  Anyways, Hubs put on a pair of khakis today that fit just exactly right a few weeks ago...and already they're all loose!  What?!  Darn men...they lose weight at the drop of a hat whilst us women have to work like demons for every little ounce.  Ha!  Just kidding, I'm not really mad...happy Hubs is doing well on the new food plan and seeing/feeling results already. 


Sunday:  20 minutes intervals, stationary bike
Because this week was going to be pretty busy with a lot of work type functions, I squeezed in a few extra minutes of exercise.

Monday:  bootcamp a.m./PISE upper body p.m.
Almost finished the second program in the PISE bootcamp!  Josh was talking a bit about the third program in this session and that it was going to be a bit faster moving and sort of cross-fittish in nature which will be awesome.  Not sure if I'm going to continue the double days since doing two hard sessions like that per day might be a bit much, but we'll see how it goes...the cardio mornings/strength evenings worked out well.  There'll still be a weight component on Fridays so I might sneak in occasionally for a class those nights.

Tuesday:  rest
No yoga.  I suck.

Wednesday:  30 mins treadmill a.m.
Sob.  Had to miss both Jason bootcamp and evening PISE class.  We had a reception during the evening for work which meant I needed extra time in the morning to spackle myself with makeup and coiff the rat's nest I call my hair, so I could only fit in a short run on the treadmill.  Better than nothing I guess. 

Thursday:  rest

Friday:  PISE bootcamp p.m.
Because I missed getting my sweat on with Josh and the ladies on Wednesday, I decided to join the Friday class to make sure I got in as much exercise as I could this week.  Aaaaaannnnnndddd...I may have made some unwise food choices at a work function on Thursday that needed some negating.  OK there may have been some unwise beverage choices too, wink wink.  Tee hee.

Ohhh...and I tried battle ropes for the first time on Friday...damn those things are effing hard!  Josh asked if I loved or hated them after trying them and I think I made the mistake of saying I hated them, which usually means he'll use them even more.  Ha!

Saturday:  10K run
Don't know what it was but I was so, so, so tired Saturday morning and half thought about blowing off the run until  Sunday...but Hubs being the good man that he is, wouldn't let me jam so we headed out for a nice leisurely run around the hood.

As I mentioned above, a few meatballs and a couple of other assorted odds and ends made their way past my lips.  However, overall I still did pretty well with the food and this week there won't be any conferences and hotel food to tempt me.  I am super proud of Hubs though, he's been rocking it.  It's funny, the food change hasn't been actually that hard...I thought I'd be all crave-y and chewing my arm off for treats and goodies, but's been meh...not that bad.  Super hoping this, next week I'll be craving crap like crazy or something!

Vegan lasagna from Chloe's Kitchen. 


Amy said...

Good week! Work functions are tricky - ours are usually at lunch with no drinks, but too many desserts for my own good!

Char said...

It's so not fair that men can lose weight so much quicker than women. I get that they're bigger and have more muscle etc but I still think we drew the short straw.