Monday, March 25, 2013

This or That?

Sob.  I'm sitting here at home right now, grumpy as stink because I've somehow come down with the flu and had to miss both my workouts today.  Nothing makes me crankier than not working out..yes, you guys should feel sorry for Hubs right about now!  Part of it is loving how I feel after exercise (note how I didn't say I love how I feel during exercise, har har), but I also like the social aspect of it.  The folks at BDHQ and PISE are just so great...the trainers I've had are always happy, smiley and occasionally cheeky (being cheeky is a desirable trait in a trainer)  and it's kinda fun to commiserate or moan and groan with others in your group when your heart is about to explode from the airdyne bike, that final hill sprint or the battle ropes.  Ha!   Anyways, I'm bored stiff from too much daytime TV and blogging is the only thing I have the energy to do so I dug up an unfinished post that I started ages ago.  So hold on to your hats, is another rousing edition of "This or That"...

Pop or juice?
Hmmm, I'm already stumped.  I guess I should be truthful and say...pop, even though I don't drink it often.  My beverage of choice would be Diet Pepsi but we've cut out pretty much all artificial sweeteners out of our diets so buh-bye, Diet Pepsi...twas nice knowing you.  I do still occasionally order it in restaurants, but that's about it.

Orange juice or apple juice?
Mmmm, apple juice for sure.  We don't drink juice that often at home because it's high in sugar and Hubs is supposed to be cutting back his sugar intake, but if we do, we always mix it with soda. 

Caramel apples, cotton candy or mini doughnuts? about none of these?  I guess if someone stuck these in front of me, I'd likely go for the mini doughnuts first...albeit reluctantly.

Snickers or oh henry chocolate bars?
Snickers.all.the.way.  I'm drooling just thinking about the caramel, chocolate and absolute favourite chocolate bar. 

Pudding or jello?
Jello hands down...but I think this may be a carryover from my youth.  When we were kids, we didn't eat a lot of desserts but my mom always made jello with fruit cocktail once a year at Christmas so in our family, jello was a huge deal.  So yeah, jello.

Turkey or chicken?
Love turkey!

Cheddar or havarti cheese? to pick...I love both, but I would have to give the slight edge to havarti. 

Crackers or cookies?

Pretzels or chips?
OK, I have to say...I don't get pretzels.  Almost everyone I know loooooovvvees when they get a bag of that Munchie Mix stuff, they pick the pretzels out first, whereas for me the pretzels would be the very last thing left at the bottom...dry, tasteless, salty tree twigs.  Blah.  Chips for sure on this one.

Mexican or chinese food?
Chinese food, and I don't mean sweet and sour pork and fried rice...even though I like that stuff too, every so often.  Authentic, homestyle chinese food is soooo good.

Ice cream or cake?

Pasta or pizza?
I loooove pizza!  Pizza would hit our cheat day rotation more often than not, and is the cheat day food that we would get sick of the least. 

Chocolate bars or chocolate?
Chocolate.  Recently we've been having a tiny bit of dark chocolate every night to keep our sweet tooth at bay and I'm really liking it...I've always been a milk chocolate girl but I'm slowly converting to the dark stuff.

Apples or bananas?
Bananas but I also like a really nice Gala apple too.

Salad or soup?

Cauliflower or broccoli?
Broccoli is one of my favourite veggies...we eat cauliflower a lot too but it's more because there's not a lot of winter options for veggies...on that note, anyone out there have a good cauliflower recipe besides roasted?

Onion rings or fries?
Fries!  Hubs like onions rings so we're the perfect match when we go out, hee hee.

Blizzard or milkshake?
Blizzard...a Reeses Pieces Blizzard to be exact. 

Poached or fried or scrambled eggs?
Sunny side up fried is my favourite.

Baked potato or mashed potatoes?
I'm not a big potato person but do love garlic mashed potatoes with lots of gravy. 

Oatmeal or cereal?
Steel cut oatmeal with soy milk, a bit of fruit and some almond or peanut good.  I've never been much of a cereal person, all the choices are either a bit too sugary and it's so darn expensive! 

Dang I'm hungry. 


Amy said...

Fun game! I could go either way on a lot of these, but I'm with you 100% on the pretzels thing, and Reese blizzards are also my fave (buy 1 get one for 99 cents on now!)

Char said...

I think a lot of our husbands would be in mortal danger if we didn't exercise regularly. I know mine would for sure. I hope you feel better quickly.

BriannaW said...

One of my fav cauliflower recipes is cauliflower crust pizza's :) try em, just google the recipe.