Tuesday, February 26, 2013

2013 - Week 8 Recap

Wheeee!  Wheeee!!  Wheeeeeee!!! 

Hubs and I are heading over to the big smoke this weekend to see my sweet little Canuckleheads play the reigning Stanley Cup champion LA Kings as my early birthday gift.  I'm sooooo excited...I love going to Vancouver as it's a foodie haven of the utmost proportions...honestly, I'm not really kidding when I tell people I work out to support my foodie habit!  We've already got where we're going to eat all planned out...Stepho's for an early lunch (we have a lamb craving lately), Chambar for a lovely pre-game dinner, and the Templeton for breakfast the next morning with the fam.  Already salivating.


Sunday - 10K run

Monday - bootcamp a.m./lower strength training p.m.

Tuesday - rest
I know, I know...I jammed on yoga.  Blah.

Wednesday - bootcamp a.m./upper strength training p.m.
Jason kicked our asses as per usual.  We did all out tag team sprinting with burpees, pushups or whatever other punishment he felt like doling out in between, and then dragged us over to a hill and made us do a bunch of sprints.  Is it weird to love and hate someone so much at the same time?!  Ha, kidding...I wuvs you, Jay!  Thank goodness it was all lower body in the morning as we started a new program this week for strength training, so the exercises switched up a bit and...drumroll please....I did pullups for the first time!!

OK, I did them assisted...but whatevs, man!  We were going through some of the exercises and Josh said that we were going try pullups and honestly, I felt my stomach clench in fear.  We were supposed to do one set of lat pulldowns and then do two sets of the pullups, but I tried to sneak back on the lat pulldown machine in the hopes that he wouldn't see me.  No such luck...as I skulked toward the machines, I heard "Ciiiiiiinnndddeeeeeeee....come heh-eerrreeeeeee!"  Foiled, I had no choice but to go over and strap myself into the bands.  Now the other thing that was making me so reluctant to do these is that the pullup bars are in the middle of the freaking gym, so everyone can see what you're doing...for a shy Asian wallflower such as myself, I was absolutely mortified...but I thought I can't jam out now, and I felt like I'd be disappointing Josh if I didn't at least try them.  Amazingly, the bands really helped and I was actually able to do eight reps...it was such a cool thing to feel what muscles you have to engage to hoist my ample bodyweight up and down.  Ha!  Anyways...I think I grinned from ear to ear all the way home and ran screaming into the house to tell Hubs.   Hee hee.

Thursday - rest

Friday - 30 mins stationery bike
Sigh.  I definitely need new shoes or something as after bootcamp on Wednesday, my shins were super duper sore.  They've been feeling sore a lot lately even though I've been cutting back on mileage, so I'm thinking it must be the shoes.  Note to self:  go runner shopping on Saturday.  I decided to give my shins a rest and do some intervals on the bike.

Saturday - rest

Food wasn't bad...a little low on protein, a little high on carbs and low on fruits/veggies.  I must get back on the smoothie train.

A dolmades casserole from Vegetarian Times and a crockpot beef stew from America's Test Kitchen Slow Cook Classics.  Not bad, I've made at least one or two new recipes every week and have found some that I would definitely add to our food rotation which is awesome as I was getting bored of my own cooking.  Ha!

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Char said...

You're totally normal to workout to support your foodie habit. That's why we all do it, isn't it?!