Friday, February 8, 2013

When I Was 27

So there's this cool thing going around on Facebook right now where you like a status that someone has posted about what they were doing at a certain age and what they're doing now, and then they in turn give you an age and you do the same thing.  You know me and my love for these questionnaire type I immediately liked my friend A's status update and she dutifully gave me the age 27...oh wistful sigh...27...

When I was 27
The year was: 1997
I lived:  in Victoria, BC
I was married to: no one
I drove:  a white Honda CRX Si (I still miss my baby)
I feared: being a failure
I worked at:  an accounting firm
I wanted to be: the controller of some big fancy pants company

I am now: 43 (how did this happen?)
I live:  in Victoria, BC
I am married to:  Hubs, 10 years this July
I drive: a black Honda Civic Si (I'm a loyal Honda girl)
I fear:  losing a loved one
I work at: a financing organization for local governments in BC
I want to be:  a happy, healthy and balanced person

Interesting. I had to think pretty far back into the memory banks as 27 was a really long time ago and I ain't no spring chicken anymore.  Back then, my total focus was on my career as I was just going back to school to get my accounting designation and I wanted to move up the ranks, I wanted to be the boss, I thought it was all glamorous...well as glamorous as being an accountant can be...ha!  Anyways, this was a case of "be careful what you wish for", because as I started achieving and attaining those things, the unhappier I became and the more I realized the truly important things in, friends and health.  My career is still important to me, but it's one slice and not the whole pizza.  Seriously, I really am all about the food, aren't I?

TGIF, guys!

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Char said...

27 for me was just a fuzzy blur. I had two kids under the age of three so I'm excused for not remembering much of it. It's definitely not dementia!