Sunday, February 17, 2013

2013 - Week 7 Recap

I so, soooooo sleepy.  I've been able to avoid getting sick so far this season but this week I finally succumbed...I think for the most part I'm better but man, I just can't seem to wake up and get my wits about me.  Yesterday I was out grocery shopping and was loading the bags into my trunk...for some reason I got distracted and then started taking the bags out of the trunk and putting them back into the cart!   Argh.  Besides the sleepiness and overall general malaise, today's been a stellar's been wall to wall hockey and I've been loving it...loving every darn second of it


Sunday:  rest day

Monday:  45 mins treadmill
First family day in BC...woohooo!

Tuesday:  yoga
Uh oh.  The first feelings of sickness starting washing over me late afternoon, but I made myself go to yoga in hopes that all the stretching, relaxing and overall zen-ness (is that a word?) would help ward things off.  I did feel a bit better but by the time I went to bed, I was feeling awful.

Wednesday:  bootcamp a.m./lower body strength  sick
Bah.  I absolutely hate missing workouts, so I was so pissed that I woke up sick and extra mad that I was missing a double day.  Sob.

Thursday:  rest
Happy Valentine's Day! 

Friday:  bootcamp a.m./PISE bootcamp p.m.
Morning bootcamp was the usual, mostly hills, stairs and running.  Because I'd missed the Wednesday strength class, I asked Josh if I could make it up on Friday as M had said that the Friday classes have generally been a circuit that was less cardio, more weights.  Um...not so this class, as we ended up doing a circuit with the airdyne bikes...I swear, these things are the devil.  After class I was exhausted, hair plastered to my head as I was sweating so hard the whole time, and I'm pretty sore today as we did a few exercises we hadn't done before.  I know I'm weird, but I love being sore.

Saturday:  10K run 30 mins treadmill run
We had full intentions on doing a 10K run, but I was busy in the morning and by the time I got home, I was just so tired from Friday's classes, I just couldn't face running so we decided to push the run off until today.  What was I so busy this Saturday morning, you ask?  I went to a grocery store tour that was offered to PISE members...a registered dietician takes a small group around the store and it was seriously awesome!  I consider myself to be fairly savvy about nutrition but there was a lot of stuff that I learned and it was cool because she tailors it to each group's interest.  Normally the group size is six, but there was only three of us which I didn't mind at all, because we could ask a lot of questions and the two ladies I was with were great.  Two thumbs up on this one, I'll be telling other PISE members to take advantage of this.

FOOD: wasn't bad this week but not awesome either.  I was feeling the need for comfort because I wasn't feeling well so maybe a few things slipped past my lips that I shouldn't have had. was Valentine's Day and we had to have a few chocolates to celebrate, right?  Right?!

Israeli couscous salad with tuna and lemon from the Barefoot Contessa's "Foolproof" cookbook.

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Char said...

I hate getting sick too. And missing workouts. I hope you're feeling 100% soon.