Friday, February 22, 2013

Yer Hawt

I was at my hairdresser's the other day and we were gabbing up a storm as usual...she's awesome, funny and in amazing shape, so we always chat about what we're doing for workouts and any new things that we're working on.  She's a pretty hardcore cross fitter, but had just joined up for a gym on a Groupon and was finding the environment pretty intimidating...not so much because she didn't feel like she knew what she was doing, but because there were some "mean girls" there that made her feel like crap and it was an awful, clique-y environment.  Immediately I thought of this commercial, and said I would post it on the blog because...well, back in the day when I belonged to a gym something very similar to this actually happened to me...

OK boys...time to put your eyes back in your heads...ha!  I was totally like the girl sitting on the bench, innocently changing in the locker room and minding my own business and these ladies were walking around buck naked, commenting on their bodies and staring at themselves in the mirror from all angles.  Seriously...I felt like saying must you do that?  Gah!  No wonder people find gyms intimidating...even someone as experienced as my hairdresser.  Anyways, when I first saw this commercial on TV I laughed my head off because it totally reminded me of my little locker room incident.  So glad PISE and Body Dynamics are so not like that!

And a note for is not common practice for women to brush each other's hair in the locker room (see around 5 seconds in the video).  Hee hee.

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Char said...

I haven't been to a gym in years and I'm not sorry. I prefer to hang out with real people, not plastic Barbie dolls. Real people sweat and snot and talk about farting and other TMI subjects. And they make me feel normal.