Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Five Long Years

Damn time flies, doesn’t it?  The month of January has completely flown by – wasn’t it just yesterday that we were all wishing each other Merry Christmas?  Anyways, the other day we were cleaning the house and I happened upon a food and exercise journal from when I signed up for my very first bootcamp.  D and I had reconnected back then through our 20 year reunion - another perfect example of how quickly time flies - and she’d been going for a few years already to a bootcamp through Body Dynamics and was looking amazing.  Tired of being a plump and very out of shape little Asian girl, I contacted Michele, the owner, for a consultation which included getting weighed (gah!) and measured (double gah!!)  and was given a journal to track my workouts and food.  Anyways, when I found that journal in all my stuff just recently, I saw that I'd written “February 2008” on the cover and that's when it hit me...that was five years ago...I couldn't believe it as it felt like a long time ago, but at the same time went by in a flash.   I still remember that first class – it was snowing, and we were running around doing lines and all sorts of crazy things and I recall thinking “Are these people effing nuts?  It's 5:30 freaking a.m. in the morning...am I effing nuts?!”  I also clearly remember being so, so, SO incredibly sore the next few days that I could barely walk, and my coworkers were all teasing me relentlessly because I was shuffling around like an old man around the office.  My friends would call me from another floor and then watch as I hobbled through the office and up the stairs, laughing hysterically at me as I limped along.  Little minxes...hah! It was hard, but I kept going back and it's a bit unreal that it's been five years. 

The cool thing is that one little step triggered the chain of some life changing things over the past five years, all for the positive – I left a horrendously stressful job that was making me absolutely miserable, I fell in love with running and finished a marathon in 2011 (this is the same girl who hated to run in high school and would always come in dead last) and I started focussing on healthy eating, which was a huge deal since I was the unabashed Queen of the Red Bull to get me through the day. 

Evidence!  The last can of Red Bull I bought five years ago, still in my drawer at work.  But at least it's the sugar free one!

Anyways, making that choice to start exercising five years ago was one of the best (and smartest) things I've ever done...happy fifth anniversary to me!  And to mark this momentous occasion, I thought we could celebrate with a little video from back in the day.  Seriously though...did we really look like that in the 80s?

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Char said...

I wonder just how many 5:30 am starts you've had since then. What seems crazy can eventually seem normal. And I say that typing at my computer just after 4:30am getting ready to go on my day's run. I would never have done this years ago.