Monday, April 1, 2013

2013 - Week 13 Recap

Life is good!  I've been walking around this long weekend with a perma-grin on my face and a little extra hop in my step.  What has me in such a good mood?

Hmmm...methinks these legs need to get some sun!

Yes folks...flip flops and shorts!  This past weekend in Victoria was absolutely gorgeous...the cherry trees are in bloom, the weather was warm and sunny (19 degrees on Saturday) and that round yellow hot thing in the sky was a very welcome sight.  Combine that with the long weekend (an extra long one for me as I've got Monday off too)...what's not to be happy about?  Anyways...busting out the flip flops and shorts always makes me smile.

Cherry blossoms in gorgeous...


Sunday - rest

Monday - bootcamp a.m./PISE strength workout p.m.  sick
Grr.  This flu hit me like a freight train...just before I went to bed I had a slightly sore throat but thought big deal, and texted D to tee up bootcamp in the morning.  Within a few hours, I had a screaming headache and was achy all over.  Gah!  I had to jam on D which I absolutely hated to do, but there was no way I was getting out of bed.

Tuesday - yoga rest
I had all intentions of going, but was still feeling a bit tired/sick so decided to rest.

Wednesday - PISE bootcamp p.m.
Wheee!  I was itching to exercise so couldn't wait to get to evening PISE class.  I skipped the morning bootcamp as I didn't think a Jason/Josh double day would be a great idea after being sick on Monday.  Class was a toughie...there was only two of us, and we did a tabata/HIIT type class that left me wrung out like a sponge..and yes, Josh brought out those darn battle ropes.  He then had an extra special treat in store for us...we went outside and pulled these racks with weights on them and seriously...I could barely pull these things!  It was even better because we were right in front of the cardio area so everyone on the treadmills got quite the show...I'm sure I was quite a joy to behold...sweaty and red-faced with all the veins bulging in my head and neck, with Josh standing behind me yelling go!go!go!...hah!

Thursday - rest

Friday - 30 mins treadmill, 20 mins Spartacus
Poor Hubs...he's been having some weird knee pain so we've been laying off the running and have been working out at home.  I've got my physio appointment this coming week too so will be glad to see what's up with my calf...seriously dreading the IMS cuz it's gonna hurt sooo bad, I just know it.

Saturday - rest
Hubs and I had planned for weeks to sleep in Saturday, lounge around and just have a nice, leisurely day kicking about town.  Somewhere, somehow I got roped into going to Sports Traders under the guise of Hubs needing "hockey tape"...this quickly turned into him taking off like a shot and hiding in the hockey gear selection for ages.  Luckily for me they have a fitness equipment department so I started moseying around and happened upon a shelf that was tucked away in the corner that had the same resistance bands that we use at PISE to help us with the pullups.  Score!  Now my goal is still to be able to do at least one unassisted pullup and it looks like my time with Josh is ending soon (oh double sob!) so I bought three of them with different resistances (green, orange and purple) so I could practice at home.  What a keener, eh?  Ha! 

Looks kinda ominous, no?  Check out our old school bike in the back!

I've been practicing a bit the last few times I've worked out at home and tried the orange definitely feeling it in my back!  Just one pullup...just one...

Sigh.  More eating out this week which I'd forgotten about...two work lunches.  It's funny, now that I've cut back on salt, whenever I eat at restaurants I'm dying of thirst.  And I did have a handful (or two) of my coworker T's amazingly addictive super delicious and scrumptious dilly Chex mix...OMG, so good...I'm totally salivating thinking about the salty goodness.

White bean and sage patties and Mediterranean chickpea salad from Meatless by Everyday Living.

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Char said...

Sounds like your husband is a little like mine when it comes to shopping. But for Iven it's not sports stores where he loses himself, it's hardware stores. Specifically those giant barn things where you can literally lose yourself. At least yours was a store where you get to find wonderful torture equipment for yourself.