Sunday, June 9, 2013

2013 - Week 23 Recap

So you know all those motivational posters that say how you won't regret your workout? 

You get the gist, right?  Well, today I really put those sayings to the test.  After another week of three really tough double days, I wasn't in the mood to go for a run this morning.  I was super unmotivated and I even tried to entice Hubs into being bad with me and asked him if he really wanted to run or not...aren't I awful?  Hubs, being the good egg that he is, just matter of factly said yes.  Bah

As we headed out on our run, it felt like my legs were made of lead and they were so sore and tired.  The first few hundred feet were just painful, and I thought well, maybe I'll just do a few kilometres and let Hubs run the rest.  I was feeling out of breath and just wasn't in the mood to run so most of the first few kilometres we ran in silence as I suffered quietly.  Then slowly as my legs and body warmed up, I felt a bit better.  I still didn't feel great, but I didn't feel like the big pile of crap like I did earlier.  Then Hubs and I started chatting as we plodded along, and I began to feel better and better, and by the end I actually felt pretty good and was so glad that I made myself lace up my shoes and get out there...Hubs was a big part of it, so I thanked him for not letting me be a total jam tart.  So even though those motivational posters might seem all cliché and simplistic...alls I gotta say is that they're the truth.

Sunday: rest

Monday:  bootcamp a.m./PISE p.m.
First double day of the week.  Evening class at PISE was our second class with our new trainer and I commented afterwards that I thought I only had burning stumps left for arms.  Hah!  It was all about the arms that night and they were just vibrating afterwards.  We started the class with some work with the prowler (prowler is a weighted sled type thing that you can either pull or push) and it was hilarious because for the first round, I could honestly barely move the thing.  Thankfully we dropped the weight so it was a bit more doable...anyways, it was awesome working with the prowler for the first time.  After this class, I was girding my loins for Wednesday's double day as Jason would surely be in fine form and Dania was proving to be quite the asskicker.

Tuesday: rest
Must start going to yoga again.  Must.

Wednesday: bootcamp a.m./PISE p.m.
Second double day of the week.  Brutal day.  Morning class with Jason was hundreds, so we did a hundred pushups, tricep dips, these half burpee things and sit ups and then afterwards headed out on the trails for a bunch of hills and sprints.  I could barely stay upright Wednesday afternoon, and somehow managed to make it through PISE at night.  Woohoo!  Done like dinner.

Thursday: rest

Friday: bootcamp a.m./PISE p.m.
Third double day of the week.  Made it through morning bootcamp (a run around the lakes) but I was again, *this* close to jamming for the evening workout but I made myself go.  Once again, I was so glad that I I sense a recurring theme this week?  Anyways, just two of us made it to class Friday night at PISE and it was an awesome, fun workout that we did out in the sunshine.

Saturday: rest

Food right back on target...staycation slide is officially over.

Roasted cauliflower, garlic and leek soup from and sesame noodles with roasted tofu from Clean Eating 2.

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Char said...

Yeah those posters are definitely true. I can be in a vile mood, take myself off for a run and the whole world has turned technicolour somewhere along the way. It never fails!