Sunday, June 16, 2013

2013 - Week 24 Recap

OK...I gotta say...I think I've been sore almost every week for the last 22 weeks since I've been working out at PISE!  I'm one of those crazy people who actually likes being sore but if I keep this up, I'm going to have to start packing my foam roller and tennis ball around with me everywhere and have my RMT on speed dial...oooooooooooch


Sunday:  10K run

Monday:  bootcamp a.m./PISE p.m.
All I remember about this day was it felt like all I did was the morning we did a pyramid workout and push ups were one of the exercises.  At the evening class, Dania busted out a can of whoop ass on our butts and had us do eight rounds of eight exercises, 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest.  Twenty seconds doesn't sound that bad, right?  Except we had to finish the eight rounds of each exercise before we could move on to the next one.  I swear, after the eighth round in a row of push ups I thought my arms were going to spontaneously combust and I'd have to drive home with my feet.

Tuesday:  rest

Wednesday:  30 mins treadmill a.m./PISE p.m.
Back/neck was hurting and I was worried about a rib being out (sigh, hypermobility is such a PITA) so I didn't risk going to a Jason class and decided to do some cardio on the mill.  I massaged my back with a tennis ball intermittently during the day and it must have popped something back into place as things loosened up and I was able to go to evening class...and so glad I did!  Josh was back for his graduation so it was great to see his smiling face.

Thursday:  rest

Friday:  PISE p.m.
Sigh.  Some more sadness this year...I tell ya, it hasn't been a stellar year in this regard, that's for sure.  Hubs' stepdad passed away last week so he had to fly to Manchester on Friday to be with his mom.  His stepdad was a really nice guy, we had a chance to meet and hang with him when we went to Hong Kong a few years ago.  Anyways, glad we were able to find flights on such short notice and that Hubs can be there for his mom.

Saturday:  10K run
A quiet run on my own on Saturday...just me and my thoughts.  I missed Hubs, but it was kinda nice to just get inside my own head and let my thoughts wander.

A few treats slipped past my lips this week...I couldn't resist trying this dessert that my coworker brought in for us as she had some leftovers from a dinner she had made the night before.  What was this irresistible dessert?   It goes under a few names...Mud and Snow Tire Cake (sounds appetizing, no?) but better known as Better Than Sex Cake.  Chocolate cake mix as a base, with a mixture of warmed condensed milk and caramel sauce poured over it and then topped with a layer of Cool Whip, Skor Bars and more caramel sauce.  It was delicious and worth every sugar laden calorie. 

Thai noodles from Cleaning Eating 3, Potato Salad from Back to the Beginning from the Three Sisters, and baked pork chops from

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Char said...

I kinda like feeling sore too. It shows me that what I've been doing has had some effect and I can almost feel my muscles growing and getting stronger.