Monday, June 24, 2013

2013 - Week 25 Recap

Zomg, zomg, zomg!  

So about a month or so ago I wrote this post about the Colour Me Rad runs, and how awesome and cool that I thought doing one of these would be...I know sometimes as runners we get so wrapped up with splits and intervals and fartleks and speedwork and personal bests and, and...well, you get the drift.  Anyways, I figured it would be so much fun to do a run strictly and solely to have fun with your friends and all the runners around you.  Well guess what...Colour Me Rad is coming to little old Victoria!  Squeeeeeeee!  It came up as a recommended post on my Facebook page (seriously, it was fate), and as soon as I saw it I knew who I wanted to do it with and that was my bootcamp buddy, D.  We've worked out together for the past five years and she's been my friend since we were in the sixth grade, so who better to ask?  The run isn't until April 2014, but she's in like Flynn and we're so excited.  Cannot wait.

does this not look like the most fun, evar?!


Sunday:  yoga
Yay, finally made it to yoga!  It was desperately needed as I've been so tight and stiff lately.

Monday:  bootcamp a.m./PISE p.m.
Gorgeous day for workouts!  Morning was out at Esquimalt Lagoon...seriously, there is probably not a better location to do a morning get to work out by the ocean with the sun rising as you work up a sweat...can it get any better than that?  Evening class was an absolutely killer class where all we used was a medicine ball, and if we dropped it we had to do burpees as punishment.  Let's just say no one dropped their ball.


Tuesday:  rest

Wednesday:  bootcamp a.m./PISE p.m.
Am seriously loving our new trainer at PISE.  I just gotta say, I've been so lucky to have had such great trainers there so far.  She is totally kicking our asses and pushing us just enough to make us work hard and improve our fitness but not so hard that we barf up a lung.  She's been amping it up each and every class, I swear after each class I looked like drowned rat with my hair pasted to the side of my head and makeup running everywhere...and no, I am not one of those chicks who puts on makeup to go to the gym.  Ha!

Thursday:  rest

Friday:  PISE p.m.

Saturday:  30 minutes treadmill
I know, I know.  We jammed out on our weekly run, but Hubs was catching up from jetlag and I was, to put it simply, feeling like ass.  I was tired and woke up with a screaming headache, but we cut a deal that we'd still have to work out but could forgo the run.  Done!  As always, I started out tired and groggy and after some hard intervals on the treadmill, I felt great but the best thing?  My headache totally went away.  Awesome.

Food was bang on this week.  Yes.

Lentil burgers from Back to the Beginning by the Three Sisters - this recipe was absolutely fabulous and the best veggie burger I've made to date...even better than the one from Whitewater, and that's high praise, folks. 

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Char said...

A friend of mine did a similar run just recently and had a blast. She's been trying to talk me into it next year but getting the 'paint' on my glasses and not being able to see puts me off a bit.