Monday, July 1, 2013

2013 - Week 26 Recap

Happy Canada Day, folks!  I cannot believe that this year is precisely half over...where's the time gone?  Anyways, this weekend was absolutely stellar...beautiful, warm, sunny weather and one of the most relaxing and fabulous weekends I've had in recent memory.  Happy, happy, happy sigh.


Sunday: rest

Monday:  bootcamp a.m./PISE p.m.
Crazy workout day.  Had a good cardio workout in the morning at bootcamp and then got my ass absolutely handed to me that night at PISE.  OK...I've done a lot of tough classes with the king of butt-kicking Jason...but this one was on a whole other level of omg-I-think-I'm-gonna-lose-my-lunch kinda hard.  It was totally awesome.

Tuesday: rest

Wednesday:  bootcamp a.m./PISE p.m.
Jason class in the morning...lots of hill repeats but I wasn't doing so hot.  What's up?  Well...the night before Hubs and I were leaving the grocery store, and this poor little old lady was backing up out of her space and her car broke down right in the middle of the lane, blocking both sides of traffic.  As we walked up, we watched people walk past her and not even offer her a hand, and the people in the cars were getting more and more irate and honking.  Incensed at what utter and absolute jerks people could be, Hubs and I offered to help push her car back to her spot...and in the process of doing that, I think I overextended my Achilles heel (I was wearing flip flops) and it was hurting at bootcamp Wednesday morning...hills in particular were difficult.  Not happy that I injured myself, but I couldn't not help that poor lady!  Strength work for the evening class (am super loving strength work) and some exciting news to announce...well, exciting for me...ha!  I moved down a band for the assisted pullups!  I know, small things please small minds...but I'm that much closer to being able to do an unassisted pullup.  One day...

Thursday: rest

Friday: PISE p.m.
Double le sigh.  I skipped class in the morning to let my Achilles rest, but managed to pull my left glute muscle when I was doing some lunges at the evening class.  We were just at the start of our workout and as I went into the lunge, I felt a sharp pain in left butt cheek and it hurt enough that I couldn't continue on so had to modify the workout (it was still tough!).  As it cooled down that night, it started to ache and going up and down stairs was painful...gah!  Over the past few days I've been making sure to ice it every few hours and managed to get some compression on it and thankfully it's feeling better...I'm not going to take any chances though and am going to take it easy this week.  I've had some niggles over the past while with my right calf and now with this Achilles and glute thing so I think I might to take this week off from classes and just let my body get some rest and recover.  It's going to drive me crazy to not exercise, but what's a week in the whole grand scheme of things...and better to be off one week than three months, amirite?

Saturday: upper body workout
Did a Josh workout that was all upper body to rest the old butt cheek while Hubs went out for a run.  As always when I'm injured, I regret those times when I jammed out on workouts in the past and wished I could have gone with our runs together.

Bang on. 

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