Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Playing Along

I know, I know...how many of these things can I do, right?  Sorry, I'm a total sucka for a survey so here goes.

A.  Attached or single?
Attached to Hubs for twenty one years, married for ten years this month!  Our impromptu Maui trip this winter was to celebrate our tenth year of marriage-dom and there's nowhere that I'd rather be to celebrate this milestone.

B.  Best friend?
My bestie R...she moved away to the Land of the Living Skies, Saskatchewan a few years ago, and not a day goes by when I don't think about her.  Sigh.

C.  Cake or pie?
Geez, these questions are always so hard!  I like both, but I would have to give the slight advantage to pie.  Love a good flaky pastry and a yummy, fruity, delicious filling like strawberry rhubarb or apple. 

D.  Day of choice?
Friday, or better know as Saturday Eve around our house!  I love the feeling of the impending weekend and knowing that I have two days to hang out and the world is my oyster...nothing tastes better than a nice glass of wine on a Friday night, too.  Tee hee.

E.  Essential item?
Hands down, my iPhone...or as Hubs calls it, my Borg.  I cannot live without my iPhone.  This thing is always within reach no matter where I am, and if I'm separated from it, I start to get a little bit anxious.  There's been times where I know I've put it down in the house and I've freaked out thinking I've lost it.  I know, I have a huge problem.

F.  Favourite colour?
Any shade of green, but my fave is a bright, chartreuse green. 

G.  Gummy bears or worms?
Bears...always the bears.

H.  Home town?
Victoria...born and raised and I've never left.

I.  Favourite indulgence?
Pedicures at my favourite spa in the whole wide world, Willowstream at the Fairmont Empress.  Nothing is better than getting pampered and spoiled.

J.  January or July?
I would have said January because I used to hate hot weather (I know...I'm so weird) but now I love, love, love the summer so July it is!  There is truly nothing better than walking around in shorts and flip flops on a hot summer day.

K.  Kids?
No thanks!  Hah!  I've never, ever, ever wanted kids and knew from a very early age that I didn't want them.  OK, I may have had vague thoughts of having them for like fifteen minutes or something when we first became engaged, but that feeling quickly dissipated.  People have said for years and years that I'd change my mind and have them, but now that I'm pushing 44...pretty sure we're not contributing the gene pool.  I guess I've just never had that desire (I think I'm missing that gene) and luckily, Hubs is on the same wavelength.  I much prefer being an aunty!

L.  Life isn't complete without?
Scotch.  Hah, I kid!  Love...from your kids, parents, friends, spouses, furbabies...it all counts.  Sappy, but true.

M.  Marriage date?
July 26, 2003...anniversary coming up soon, woohoo! 

N.  Number of brothers/sisters?
One older bro, currently living in Edmonton and works as a prof at U of A.

O.  Oranges or apples?
Oooh, this is even harder than the cake or pie question.  I love both...but would probably give the slight advantage to oranges.

P.  Phobias?
Two huge phobias...I'm absolutely terrified of spiders and will emit blood curdling screams if I find one of those awful looking big brown house spiders in the basement.  Truly, I'm hysterical and I know I'm being hysterical, but I can't help myself.  The other thing that sends me into fits is heights...I can't get up on a step ladder without getting dizzy and losing my mind.

Q.  Quotes?


R.  Reasons to smile?
Friends, family, good  health, a roof over my head and food on the table.  Don't need anything else!

S.  Season of choice?

T.  Tag 5 people
OK, I won't force anyone to do this so I won't tag anyone!

U.  Unknown fact about me?
I signed up to go to nursing school but changed my mind.  So glad I didn't, as I've become squeamish in my old age.

V.  Vegetable?
Hard to pick as I like 'em all, but I'd say my two faves are broccoli and asparagus.

W.  Worst habit?
I leave dishes lying around everywhere. Poor Hubs has to pick up after me in that department all the time. 

X.  Xray or Ultrasound?
Neither, thanks!

Y.  Your favourite food?
Sushi, hands down.  Absolutely love it and never get sick of it.

Z.  Zodiac sign?
Right on the cusp between Aries and Taurus, but I think I'm more Taurus.


Char said...

I'm the same with my phone. It goes with me everywhere - except on most of my runs. I have friends who don't check theirs for most of the day and I just don't get it. Mine is generally only arms length away so I can hear every time it goes off.

Renata said...

*sob* I miss you every day too...

and you're welcome about the iPhone, btw...