Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Achy Breaky...Body?

Have I completely dated myself?  OK I admit...I hated...no, I despised this song when it came out way back when but it seemed like a good segueway into this post.  First...the song is old, like me.  A hit back in 1992, I was a young lass of 23 back when Billy Ray sang about his achy breaky heart.  Hubs and I started dating in 1992 when I was young and carefree without a worry in the world.   So fast forward now 21 years later and honestly...lately I'm feeling every millisecond of the past 44 years, I swear!  This leads me to the achy breaky part...does anyone else ever feel like they're a million years old some days?  Lately I've so been feeling my age...I don't recover from workouts as fast as I used to, and I seem to be dealing with a lot of niggles lately...my broken ass, a vaguely unhappy Achilles (I still don't regret helping that lady!), and I had another couple of ribs that were out and bugging me last week.  Quite often I wake up feeling sore especially after a hard class, but sometimes I wonder if this is normal or it's just me because I'm as old as dirt (OK, maybe I'm not that old, but I sure feel like I am).   For instance, this morning...I woke up and felt soooo tired and had little muscle twinges and twangs everywhere.  Anyways...I think over the next while I'm going to really make sure I up the self care on my body/muscles, and possibly treat myself to a few good massages to help with my rib issues and keep my muscles loose and limber.  Oh and possibly take up line dancing as a new workout...uh, NOT.  Ha!

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TX Runner Mom said...

I am only a couple of years behind you and I feel the same way! I want to train for so many races, but I am worried that my body is not going to cooperate! I think it's going to be vital to treat our bodies well as we get older - stretching, massages, etc!