Sunday, July 7, 2013

2013 - Week 27 Recap

Looooove Sunday afternoons...mornings are always a blur of cooking, laundry, cleaning and other domestic duties, and then once I'm done it's me and glass of something (lately it's been wine) hanging out and spending some quality time together.

Recap this week is going to be short...I went to the physiotherapist last week to see what was up with that whole butt cheek thing that happened last Friday...I don't mess around with injuries and figure if something hurts, it's your body's way of saying "what the eff, man?!".'s confirmed that my ass is indeed broken.  My left glute muscle is weak and not doing what it should so the piriformis was doing all the work and finally decided to give me the finger and go on strike.  At first the physio said I could do a short run around 5K-ish, but then decided nope...he wanted me to give my butt some more rest so no running, lunges or squats for the next week until I go back to see him again.  He gave me some exercises to do because, in his words, he wanted me to have "buns of steel"...he had me clench my butt cheeks and apparently the left one didn't even engage, lazy thing.  Anyways, he gave me some ultrasound and did some acupuncture, which was actually pretty funny...I'm used to being in various stages of dress with practitioners and don't even bat an eyelash, but he kept apologizing the whole time while he worked on my exposed butt.  Buddy, you can do whatever you want if it means I can continue to work out pain and injury free!  Ha.


Sunday: rest

Monday: home workout
So even though I have a broken ass, it doesn't mean I can't exercise so I've been going back to old workouts that I've done with Josh that were mostly upper body.  Pretty soon I'm going to have no neck with the amount of pushups and stuff I'm doing.  Look out, Incredible Hulk!

Tuesday: rest

Wednesday: home workout
I had emailed Danya to tell her my story of woe and asked for an alternative workout to do in the meantime.  Butt was feeling better so I was able to get on the stationary bike and do some intervals.

Thursday: rest

Friday: home workout

Saturday: home workout

Bang on again, go me!

Mushroom and rice "meatloaf" from Mouthwatering Vegan.


Char said...

A broken butt is no laughing matter. What a pain in the ... well you know what. Hope it's feeling better really soon.

Nikki Scott said...'s confirmed that my ass is indeed broken.

You have no idea how much this one sentence is making me smile this morning! Hope it gets better for ya, a broken butt is indeed a problem!