Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Almost There

Alright...down to the last five days before the half!  Last weekend in Vancouver was fab-u-lous...lots of shopping, lots of eating and lots of hockey - unfortunately my boys didn't win that night, but they ended up closing out the series against Nashville and moving on to the semi-finals.  Woo hoo!  Go Canucks Go. We also fit in a nice run around Langara College and it was a nice easy 10K to get ourselves firmly into taper week.

So - last five days before the race, so what are our plans?  I must...MUST...update my ipod with some new music.  I'm going to start hydrating like crazy, and going to bed earlier to get lots of sleep in.  They say that the most important sleeps are the ones that are a few days before the race, not just the night before.  No sugar, no junk food and no boozahol.  OK, I might have to have just a tiny splash of alcohool as my BFF's final goodbye work party is tomorrow - but I find it really affects me if I overdo it so I'll have to take it easy.

I'm starting to get pretty excited!  We still haven't run the course (gah!) so we're going to drive it so we have an idea of the hills and markers.  Look out for my ABC goals in the next few days!

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Marianne said...

I am getting so excited for you! You have worked so hard and you are going to kick Oak Bay's butt.