Monday, May 30, 2011

Sizzling Tandoor

So even though I'm all about the food, I generally don't write restaurant reviews...but because Sizzling Tandoor was that good, I'm making an exception.  Hubs and I were looking for restaurants to take my parents to for Father's Day - it was funny, because we kept taking them out for Chinese food, because we figure hey...that's what they wanted.  When we were kids, we never went out for dinner ever, and always ate homestyle Chinese meals.  So assuming that all they wanted to eat was Chinese, for every occasion we'd truck them to our favourite place in town.  One day, I ask my mom for dinner and she kind of brushes me after some questioning, I find out that they're totally sick of Chinese food!!  Well that opened the culinary floodgates for my parents...and also opened my eyes to never, ever making assumptions.  We've taken them out for Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese, thought a cuisine that they'd never tried was Indian.  We'd heard great things about this place called Sizzling Tandoor here in Victoria, so thought we'd better try it out before we take them there.  Gotta test it out, right?  Hah!

We decided to order take out - lamb rogan josh, dal makhani, fish pakoraas and chicken vindaloo.  Unfortunately, they missed the rogan josh (argghhhh!!!) so we only got the other three dishes.  Now I like dal as much as the next guy, but it's generally all the same...nothing too different.  The dal from this place however...well, it absolutely and completely blew us away.  The fish pakoras were tasty and the vindaloo was delish...but the dal was so amazing that I felt compelled to blog about it - it's that good!  Thick with incredibly deep and complex flavours...we couldn't get enough.  The food was...dare I say it...even better than what I had at Vij's...and to me, that's sayin' something.  Hubs and I are still craving the dal.  If tha't's what the takeout tasted like...I can only imagine what the other menu items must be like!

So if you're in Victoria and you've got a hankering for Indian food - give this place a won't be disappointed.


lilmeg said...

I am an Indian food addict. I went last night and am eating leftovers for breakfast. I'm planning a trip to BC for next summer. Sizzling Tandoor is on my list of places to go. Thanks!

Cindy said...

ooooh! awesome, i really hope you like it!!!!