Saturday, May 14, 2011

Half Marathon Eve

Whoa!  What's been going on with Blogger recently?  I haven't been able to write any posts for the last few days and I couldn't read a lot of blogs...ack, I need to feed my bloggie addiction!  Anyways, looks like everything is OK now so here I am.

Down to the wire, man!  Half marathon tomorrow morning at 8am.  I've been hydrating like mad today, and was feeling kinda stiff and headache-y so went to yoga this morning and I feel SO much better.  I was pretty good the other night and didn't overindulge in alcohol (only one drink) and haven't had any sugar.  Well, I made one exception - Fabulous Boss brought in some cupcakes and I had one, partly because it seems that every time I have one, I have great runs...but mostly because I just wanted one, dammit.  Ha!  But I'm feeling pretty good today now that I've gone to yoga so am really hoping that tomorrow I can finally break the 2 hour speed barrier.  The only thing that might hamper a great run is that it's supposed to rain tomorrow.  Light rain, not so bad...I'm just really hoping it's not torrential or something. 

So before I get on to my ABC goals, I'm just going to talk quickly about something that's been under my skin for a long time, and I've blogged about previously.  Do any of you guys have to deal with people constantly commenting on how/what you eat and your workouts?  I have this individual who is constantly making remarks about what I eat (food commenters are one of my biggest pet peeves in life), supplements I take, or haranguing me when I choose not to drink when I'm training for a run.  Or when I do have a treat, they have to make a comment about it - "should you have that?"  "what?  you ate that?"  - argh.  I know I should just brush it off but it's difficult sometimes to not take it personally.  It incenses me when people feel they have the right to comment on my choices, especially when this person doesn't lead a very healthy lifestyle themselves.  I keep my running really, really low key (which is why I blog about it - I gotta let it out somehow!!) but this person seeks me out to make comments.  I like to run, I like being healthy and I like taking care of my body so bugger off.  OK, rant over.  Wow, I totally feel better.  Ha!  Moving on now.

Goal time!  As you guys know, I've been trying to break 2 hours for the half marathon.  And you guys also know...I'm goal oriented.  It feels scary posting specific time goal because there's always that "fear of failure" thing going on, but I'm just gonna throw all caution to the wind and just go for it:

A - finish in any time that start with a "1"

B - finish in 2:01:24  (my previous PB)

C - finish in 2:10

Here we go - race report to come soon!  Woohooo!!


Marianne said...

Good luck tomorrow! You're going to rock it!

Angie said...

I hope this rain isn't slowing you down! Go Wong Go!!!!