Friday, September 2, 2011

Let the Long Weekend Begin

It's done...23K finished.  Well OK...22K because poor Hubs bonked, it was getting dark (we finished at 8:45pm) and my right leg was giving me no end of grief.  Bleh.  This run was by far harder than last week's, and it was shorter!  I think it's a combo of evening run, not feeling great and just being tired.  So tired and the run totally and completely killed any appetite we had, so we both could barely eat our dinner!  No wonder elite runners are so darn skinny.  We're going to our favourite spot for a nice greasy breakfast before I go clean for this last month - I'm sure my appetite will be back with a vengeance in the morning.


lilmeg said...

Nice run!

YEP! iFitness makes ones with Gu holders. They all have race bib holders too. You can even get double pouch ones if you need more room. LOVE them! :)

I was hungry after my mini run, but a praying mantis ruined my appetite. Grosssss. Your reason is better.

Cindy said...

ooooh, must go check these things out! thanks!! they don't seem to offer them many places in canada so i'll have to order them. maybe i'll get a pretty hot pink one! :)