Sunday, September 11, 2011

Marathon Quest 2011 - Week 14 Recap

O.M.G.  It's really starting to feel real now...less than 30 days to go...eek!  Like I said in my last post, I'm a bundle of emotions, but mostly I'm just really, really excited and can't wait for the day to come.  Just recently I've had some support from unexpected places that's really buoyed my motivation and my spirits as I head into the final stretch.  At last week's block BBQ, Hubs was talking to one of our neighbours and for whatever reason, had mentioned to him that I was training for a marathon.  Said neighbour yells out to me and asks when I'm running my race, and of course everyone stops talking and all eyes turn to look at me...gaaaahhh.  As I've mentioned before, I don't like to talk about it except in bloggieland...I think mostly because I don't want to seem like I'm trying to show off or brag or do the whole "lookatme, lookatme!!" thing, which isn't my style. I was immediately uncomfortable and squirmy...but he was just trying to be supportive, and said that if he wasn't busy with Thanksgiving that he and his wife wanted to come out and cheer me on.  Then yesterday morning I was heading out the door to meet M for a run, and my other neighbour was just heading out the door.   We were joking around because she said she was feeling guilty that I was going for a run and she was going to be sitting in a chair getting her hair done...and she said that she thought it was great and wanted to tell me how much she admired me for training for a marathon.  Yes...I did get a little verklempt as I got in the car...kinda touching when people show that kind of support and it's so unexpected.  It's funny, sometimes the people that you think will be supportive, aren't...and the ones that you're not expecting it from, completely surprise you.  Can I say again how much I love my hood?

So here's this week's workouts:

Sunday - 6K run - treadmill
Normally Sunday is a rest day, but I was going to be travelling during the week for work so knew I wouldn't get all my workouts in if I didn't work out on Sunday.  And...I was feeling pretty guilty about Week 13's lack of workouts too, so wanted to make sure I had a good week.

Monday - 30 mins stationary bike

Tuesday - 6K run - outside
Off to Terrace for a conference for work...everything went great, except the fact that I started to feel sick when I got to my hotel room (OK, and the fire alarm that went off at 1:30am and we had to evacuate but whatevs). It was another wave of the "almost sick" thing that's been happening a lot to me lately, but luckily my hotel was a five minute walk away from a Save On Foods so I trundled off and picked up a bunch of extra strength Cold F/X and orange juice. Must have worked because I felt a lot better the next day. Yesssss.

Wednesday - rest

Thursday - rest
Went for another immune booster shot from my naturopath...much needed given how I've been feeling!

Friday - bootcamp
Been ages since I've been so felt great to get back to it.  I've haven't been for a few weeks for some reason or another, but sure made a difference as I really felt sore in my abs and calves.   Doesn't take long to lose fitness!

Saturday - 29K run
Second to last long run before taper!  Yeeeehaw.  Hubs had to be downtown at 9am so we decided to run separately - he ran the loop around our house, and I did the treadmill for 13K and met M at 8am to finish off the remaining 16K.  I won't lie, the 16K run was was a hilly route and there wasn't a lot of cover from the sun so it was pretty hot...but glad that I did it because the Goodlife Victoria route has a lot of rolling hills so any training that might help me is welcome.  I'm glad it's over though...heh.

Right foot felt great...but left foot was bugging me this time.  Gah!  We did a ton of stairs at bootcamp, so my calves were tight and I think causing a chain reaction in my foot.  Will check things out at my physio appointment on Monday.  One more 30+ long run to go - 32K this coming weekend, and then bring on taper time!

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