Thursday, September 29, 2011

Marathon Challenge

I saw this cool video over at Jessica's blog (thanks!) the other day and had to re-blog's a short documentary called Marathon Challenge done by Nova, and it follows a group of 13 sedentary people (herein dubbed Team Nova) and their journey to complete the Boston Marathon in 40 weeks.  As usual, Nova does an awesome job - they go through explaining some of the basic concepts in running and what happens in the body physiologically as health improves.  I loved it!  So motivating.

Here's the link - it's about an hour, so go get yourself a tea and cookies and make yourself comfy.

PS.  10 more days.  I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.


Anonymous said...

Hi from a fellow runner (not marathoner) in Victoria! I've been following your blog and training for a while. GOOD LUCK on Oct. 9 - you'll have a great run!! I'm running the 8k so will be on the sidelines cheering. (Tried to send you an e-mail through the app on your blog but it didn't work.)

Cindy said...

Hey there! Thanks for the good wishes and also for visiting the blog! So nice to hear from other runners from Victoria - we're so lucky to live here and be able to run 24/7, eh? Good luck on your run too - just nine more days away now...eeeek! :)