Monday, September 5, 2011

Marathon Quest 2011 - Week 13 Recap

Again...loooove the long weekends.  So far, it's been a pretty laid back weekend for us...a wedding dinner last night (replete with a lion dance, no less!) and a block BBQ with the peeps on our cul de sac.  I gotta say...I love the hood I live in.  Yes, I live on a postage stamp size lot...and yes, I can practically touch the house next door to me.  But the area is lovely, we get deer/quail/bats/bunnies/you name it in our backyard, and we get together at least three times a year for various get togethers.  We all moved in at around the same time as this was a new development, so the first year we decided to get together and do a block Christmas party, and we've never looked back since.  This is a big change from where we used to live, when we couldn't sleep with out windows open at night because it was so insanely noisy and people would take my planters and smash them.  Le sigh.

Sooo...this week was less than stellar for working out...

Sunday - rest day

Monday - 30 minute stationery bike
Yep, I sluffed off on bootcamp.  My legs were feeling so tired from the last long run, and truth be told I just wasn't feeling it.  Aaaand...D wasn't going to be there either so I decided to ride the stationery bike for some cross training to save some pounding on my legs.  Now I can run for hours at a time without stopping...but I could barely keep going on the bike for more than 10 minutes at a time!  Seriously...I guess that's why it's so good to cross train as your body just gets used to doing one thing. 

Tuesday - rest day
Argh.  Woke up feeling like ass, so we skipped our morning run.  Piss me off.  Had physio and IMS galore.  Overall my foot feels pretty good, but there definitely is some residual soreness.  I'm still collapsing in on my right leg, so she finetuned an exercise she had given me the prior week even more, to really get those muscles working and so I can get the sensation of what it feels like to not collapse inward.  Seriously, it's so hard to remember all these things.  I've got three more on the 17th, another on the 24th and then the last one on the 4th of October. 

Wednesday - rest day
IMS on Tuesday, so no running.  Which was run as I was still not feeling great.   

Thursday - 30 minutes treadmill
Finally!  Feeling better so did a quick run in the morning.

Friday - 23K run
Hubs and I wanted to do our long run early so we could chill the whole weekend.  We ran this all downtown, and I was dogging it...really tired, and my right leg was giving me some grief.  My right shin started to burn within the first 2K and I had to stop to stretch/rub it out.  Then I kept getting twinging sharp nerve type pain in my calf.  Then the ball of my foot started to hurt.  Bah!  We ended up cutting the run short because Hubs was so tired (silly goose didn't take a gel so bonked!) and it was getting dark and it was hard to see.  I think we did 21.8K altogether, so whatevs. 

Saturday - rest day

Back on track this week.  Feeling healthy again, as we've made sure to get lots of sleep this weekend.  My right leg wasn't happy with me after the long run on Friday...the whole thing ached, so I've been stretching and rollering the crap out of it.  Just three more long runs to go - 29K, 32K and 23K coming up...and then taper.  I'll definitely be running pretty conservatively to save my foot/leg, as all I want now is just to get to the race.  34 more days.

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