Wednesday, October 5, 2011


So because I'm an accountant and a total numbers geek, I thought it'd be cool to put together some stats on the journey to the marathon.   It's feels like I've been doing this forever and that it went by fast, all at the same time.  I guess I'm a little sad that the training is over, because as you know I'm a goal-oriented kinda gal and I love having something to work towards...I've already got my mind whirling as to what the next running goal is gonna's never ending, right?

So here 18 weeks...

 - 569 kilometres
 - 65 hours running
 - 50 runs
 - 20 bootcamp sessions
 - 8 bike sessions
 - 3 pairs of shoes
 - 25 bananas eaten on long run days
 - 15 Gu's
 - 7 physio sessions
 - 4 chiro sessions
 - 3 massages
 - 3 immune booster shots

No wonder I'm totally looking forward to kicking back and just chilling in Maui!  Heh.  Can't wait to get to that start line.


Susan said...

I found your recap when i googled 'Victoria Marathon recap'. A friend ran it today (the half) and it looked so awesome. I'm hoping to run it next year, but I'm definitely afraid of the hills. After reading your recap I think I'll throw fear to the gutter and do it!

Cindy said...

Hi Susan! The course is definitely undulating but overall pretty would be awesome for you to come to victoria as it's a gorgeous route...i might be biased though... ;)