Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Wall

ZOMG.  Someone take the internet away from me.

So because I'm all in taper mode and have all this free time on my hands now that I'm chilling out, I'm all over the interwebz, reading about people's first time marathon experience's and it's scaring the shit out of me.  I'm sure it's kinda like having kids, right?  You know what they say, that within minutes of having the kid, you forget the pain and would do it again in a second?!  I'm kinda hoping that's the case because for the most part, these people who were writing about their horrific first marathon/hitting the wall experiences lived to tell the tale and run many more after that.

Turning off computer NOW.

1 comment:

Hunnybee said...

You'll be fine. Remember a lot of those that had bad first experiences were also gunning for quick(er) times or had crazy weather.

You've put the training in. You can finish.