Monday, October 31, 2011

Heavy Lifting

So awhile ago, I mentioned that after the marathon was over, I was going to start the New Rules of Lifting for Women.  Well, the time has come.

I've been wanting to start this program for awhile, and need something to focus on for the next few months so I don't hoover up everything in sight over the holiday season and turn into a plump little Asian dumpling.  I've been pretty darn lax in exercising and eating properly after the marathon but I don't regret it...everyone needs to live a little!  But now it's time to get back on the wagon and get back at 'er.  And truth be told...I've been feeling a bit aimless now that the big one is over...definitely a case of post-marathon blues.  There's a lot of time until my next goal race in the Spring, so what better than to establish a new goal and banish the blues?

This is a six month program, so I'm going to incorporate this into my regular training since next year will be less strenous since I'm not planning on doing a full marathon.  This program works best done three times a week but is doable with two, so I'm going to add in two days of lifting mixed in with running and/or bootcamp.  Not a moment too soon either...with all the running, I definitely haven't been focussing at all on strength and it shows!  I did some strength training on Sunday...some simple stuff like squats and lunges, and pushups with some bicep and tricep work thrown in for good measure...and I'm sore.  And it wasn't even all that hard and I wasn't lifting heavy at all!  And stronger is better, especially for speed.  We'll see how it helps with my spring half marathon!


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