Monday, April 2, 2012

Back in the Saddle know how sometimes life just gets in the way of everything?  That's what it's been like here.  Lately things have been really busy - lots of social stuff, a bout of the barfing sickness that's been making its rounds in these here parts, and a persistent shoulder problem that's been making any kind of upper body work extremely painful.  I've barely blogged and have to catch up on almost two weeks of blog reading...but thankfully life is getting a bit more back to normal and I'm getting back into the swing of things, starting with my workouts.  I'm supposed to avoid lifting any weights above my head for two weeks until my shoulder feels better (rotator cuff issues which make any computer work difficult, hence the no blogging) which it this week is the start of getting back into the saddle.  I've got a month to go until I run the Times Colonist 10K race so I've got some work to do as I really want to run a personal best this year in this distance...and admittedly I've been a bit meh in my training.

So with that...I'm gearing myself up and pulling myself of this slump.  And what better motivation than to set a goal, right?  My personal best in the 10K is 54:17, so my goal for this race is to hit 50 minutes.  Yes, I'm crazy.  Four minutes off your personal best, Wong?  To be honest, 50 minutes was my secret whisper goal but I was going to post that 52 minutes was my target time.  Why?  Because I didn't want to put it out there and fail.  Then I thought why not...what am I afraid of?  Better to put the goal out there and try to achieve it than to be safe, right?  So there it is...50 minutes, 10K, one I come.


Angie said...

Wondered where you've been... sorry to hear injury and puke is behind the quiet!
Go Wong Go! Set that goal and go for it! Better to have set a goal and failed than to have never tried at all. Give Er!!!

Char said...

50 mins is your big audacious goal. That's definitely a worthy, bite-off-a-big-chunk goal. Having a goal makes it so much easier to get out and do the workouts. And we'll be watching you - how's that for accountability?