Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Big Audacious Week

Alrighty!  Now that I've put my big audacious goal out there (Char, I giggled when I saw your comment - I love it!), I'm all over it.  A tiny set back today...had some issues with my neck/rib again but I think it's going to be OK.  It's sore, so I'm going to skip bootcamp tomorrow to give my upper body a total rest.  Instead...I'm going to do some intense hill training.

*insert scary music*

So not sure if I've ever mentioned this before, but we live on a side street just off a hill.  A big hill.  A big fat juicy hill so steep that our municipality makes it one of their first priorities to salt it if it snows or if it's cold and icy out.  So because we're crazy like that, me and Hubs are going to haul our asses out of bed tomorrow and run this thing a few times.  When I first mentioned to Hubs I wanted to do this, he kind of gave me a resigned sigh and said he'd do it with me because he needs to work on his cardio as he's starting ice hockey soon and didn't want me out there alone in the dark.  Instead of whining that I was fiiiiiine, I kept quiet and tipped my hat to Sherry Arnold in my head.

Because I'm all about the accountability now, here's this week's workouts in advance:

Sunday - 60 minute treadmill run/weights - check!
Monday - bootcamp - check!
Tuesday - rest day
Wednesday - hill training
Thursday - 30 minute treadmill tempo run
Friday - 20K run
Saturday - rest day (sleeping in with Hubs - woohooo!)


Char said...

I'm such an obedient reader that I actually inserted the scary music when you said to. And now you've put it out there I'm fully expecting a hill report tomorrow. And a report the next day to say you have DOMS from the hill workout. Yep - you're totally accountable.

Angie said...

Point #1
Thank you to you and Hubs for not letting you run in the dark by yourself. 'Cause you may be able to take me in a fight my little friend... but I don't want you to have to ever test that out on others!
Point #2
Those hills... holy sheet. My Jeep doesn't like those hills. You are a brave woman.
Point #3
I admit to bagging on the treadmill today 'cause I was dog ass tired. If you can do those hills... I can do the treadmill. Putting it out there for MY accountability!