Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Scotiabank Vancouver Half - Week 13 Recap

Welp...guess all of a sudden I've got a lotta time on my hands now.  My boys lost this weekend to the LA Kings...and I'm pretty busted up about it.  But...there's always 2013, right?  I was hoping that they would be able to pull out a win this weekend as the best birthday gift ever...yep, it was my birthday, and I turned the big four three last Friday!  Hubs and I celebrated by hitting the big smoke and seeing one of our fave bands, Coldplay.  What a fantastic show...amazing, mindblowing...I don't know what it is about these guys, but they engage the audience like no other act I've ever seen.  From the opening song to the final encores, everyone (and I mean everyone) was on their feet, dancing and singing.  What a high!  And what a great weekend.

Well, mostly a great weekend.  The one thing that happened this weekend that has kind of bummed me out is that I'm nursing a foot injury and I'm likely going to have to skip the Times Colonist 10K run this weekend.  I've been having some pain on the ball of my right foot and I guess overdid it on Saturday with a long run, our last running clinic, walking all over Vancouver and then standing for hours...yup, foot is not pleased with me and it's tender.  The part that's kind of worrying me is that not only does the ball of my foot hurt, but so does the top which might mean a stress fracture.  Now my heart wants to run the race because I really want to kick off the running season, but my head is saying to skip the 10K race so I don't really injure myself and have to skip the three half marys I have planned for the rest of the year.  And Hubs is pretty adamant that I don't run it because we're heading to Hawaii in a few weeks, and he doesn't want me hobbling around on our vaycay.  So boo...I won't be racing this weekend but will be Hubs cheerleading squad and pack horse, which I know is the right thing to do as much as it sucks.  I'm staying off it this week (seeing physio this Thurs) and doing really hard stationery bike workouts to keep my fitness strong.

Anyways...enough of that.  Workouts last week...

Sunday - 12K run

Monday - 45 minute run (3K run outdoors, 20 minute treadmill run)

Tuesday - rest

Wednesday - 30 minutes treadmill run

Thursday - rest

Friday - 30 mins stationery bike

Saturday - 12K run/clinic
Last clinic with Marilyn.  Wah!  Hubs and I have our names in to go on to the next level of the classes.  Like I've said in the past...it's hard work, it's tiring, and sometimes it's frustrating, but I can see glimpses of what we're supposed to be doing and feeling...so we're sticking with it.  It's amazing that in 12 sessions, we've learned so much and I've incorporated a lot of what we've learned into my running.


Nikki said...

Oh that totally sucks about the foot! I had some top-of-the-foot pain awhile back and was so scared of a stress fracture, but thankfully after some rest it went away. Hard to pull out of a race but you're probably doing the right thing. Boo LA Kings...

Char said...

Happy Birthday! That was a great birthday present. Coldplay is an amazing band.

Sorry to hear about the foot though. You're absolutely doing the right thing - as much as you don't want to. Hawaii will be so much better without a moon boot or crutches.