Monday, April 9, 2012

Scotiabank Vancouver Half - Week 11 Recap

ZOMG.  Just had the best long weekend evar.  Beautiful, sunny weather.  Lots of chillaxin' with Hubs (including seeing the Hunger Games movie, woohoo!).  Lots of gardening, cooking and perfect trifecta.  And...the best part of all...the Canucks won the President's Trophy for the second year in a row after a decisive win against Edmonton on Saturday night!  Our jerseys and playoff towels are ready for a wild and crazy ride for the next few weeks as my boys chip away at the 16 games needed to win the Stanley Cup.  Go Canucks Go!

Anyways, so I'm fully back on track.  So how did I do in my big audacious week?

Sunday - 60 minute treadmill run/weights

Monday - bootcamp

Tuesday - rest

Wednesday - hill training

Thursday - 30 mins treadmill tempo run
Check!  OK...I was supposed to get up and do my run in the morning...but I was tired and decided to do it after work.  Oh le sigh...when will I ever learn that I should just get up and do it?  Of course, by the time the end of the day rolled around I wasn't in the mood, but because I'd put it out there to everyone I was going to do a tempo run, I got changed and blasted out a run on the treadmill.  And it wasn't half bad!  So a big thanks to you folks out there for keeping me accountable.

Friday - 20K run
Check!  Hubs and I decided to get over run over with on Friday so we could sleep in on Saturday and just have a day to ourselves.  It was a cool, crisp, absolutely gorgeous morning out when we got started...the perfect running day!  Things were going pretty good with the run and I was feeling good...until about halfway through the run, I could feel something tweak in my right knee.  Arghhhh.  Luckily after some stretching and walking it out for a bit, I was able to resume and finished off the run.  Thank goodness.  It's worrying me a bit but the good thing is that I don't feel any pain walking and I did a 45 minute treadmill run this morning without any pain. 

Saturday - clinic/rest day
Marilyn was off in the States for a few weeks so we had a bit of break, and Saturday was our first day back at it.  Yes, I was bad...I didn't practice my drills much, but we did try and incorporate the running method in our runs.  Class was great, but I'm having a bit of a mental block over one piece and I'm waiting for that a-ha moment when it clicks and I get my body moving how it's supposed to.  Marilyn worked with me a lot this session and I would almost get it, but not quite.  I know it's going to be one of those things where she says one thing that makes me go "oooooooooooohhhhhhhh!!!"  and the penny will drop.  In the meantime...back at the drills.


Char said...

10 out of 10 for your efforts last week. You did great! But how's the knee now?

Cindy said...

hey char! not bad...i keep feeling it to see if there's any sore spots or swelling...i'm praying to the knee gods!!

Angie said...

We're all allowed a tired day... and good on ya for catching up. Now I have to take my "What Would Wong Do" to the evenings if i miss a morning!