Sunday, April 15, 2012

Scotiabank Vancouver Half - Week 12 Recap

This is it...Boston Marathon Eve!  It's like Christmas for of the biggest days of the year.  Hubs has a coworker who's running it this year, so we'll be tracking his time online to see how he does...if he ends up running it.  Temps are supposed to be around 32 degrees on Monday in Boston, so the BAA is actually offering participants the chance to defer until next year.  Coming from Victoria, we don't get temps like that terribly often so can't even imagine trying to run a marathon in that kind of heat.  We're definitely cool weather runners...whenever we go to Maui, it's all we can do to run 6K when the temps hit that range!  I think if it were me (only in my dreams!), I'd still run it but I'd for sure take it easy.  Anyways, good luck to everyone running Boston...will be cheering you all on tomorrow!

This week's workouts...le sigh...

Sunday - 30 mins stationery bike/weights

Monday - 45 minutes treadmill run

Tuesday - rest

Wednesday - hills
Woohooo!  Had a killer workout...couldn't go to bootcamp as I had to get to work super early, but got off early and decided to run the monster hill.  I managed to run it five times, and was happy as the last two times I only had to stop once in the middle.  Success!

Thursday - rest

Friday - off
Gah.  Started to feel a bit off on Thursday, and decided to take an extra rest day so I could make sure I was feeling OK for Saturday's run as we had a busy day.  I pumped as much Cold FX and other stuff as I could, but as the day progressed, the worse I felt and I ended up just lying on the couch Friday night.  For anyone following the Canucks/LA series, you all know how things went that night so that didn't make me feel any better!  I actually turned the TV off through most of the second and third period to get some sleep after rocking myself in the fetal position over how badly my boys were playing.

Saturday - clinic/off
Double gah.  Still wasn't feeling any better, so we decided to postpone the run until Sunday morning.  We did have our run clinic though, so I forced myself to go and so glad I did!  I'll write a bigger post on the clinic later, but I really have to say how awesome Marilyn is at teaching and coaching.  She never makes you feel like you're an idiot for nothing getting something, and you can tell she genuinely is happy for you when you do something well.  So you know that thing that last week I was saying I just couldn't get?  I finally finally, after working on it and thinking about it all week, figured out what I was doing wrong and this week she liked what I was doing!  Yes!  Small victories.

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Char said...

Well done on the hill workout. They're certainly among the most challenging sessions a runner can do. Sorry to hear about the cold. Nothing really you can do about that except rest up and wait till it passes. Hope you're feeling better soon.