Sunday, May 5, 2013

2013 - Week 17/18 Recap

Yikes, I've been a little remiss in posting recaps lately...Week 17 was a bit shall we say...low key?  Don't know what it was but I was feeling a wee bit tired and not into it so only worked out three times.  Moving on to Week 18!


Sunday:  30 mins HIIT, stationery bike
Tired but inspired (ha, I made a rhyme!) by finish line duties at the Times Colonist 10K run, I came home and ripped out 30 minutes of intervals on the stationery bike, and then threw in some pullups.  Must do one by year end. Must.

Monday:  PISE bootcamp
This week we were in the gym doing a circuits...three sets of three different exercises, done three times.  Not gonna lie, a teeny tiny part of me was a bit relieved I wasn't going to be able to make Wednesday's class.  Tee hee.

Tuesday: 30 mins treadmill
Follow up physio on Tuesday night so I decided to fit in a workout in the morning as I wouldn't be able to make PISE on Wednesday.  My calf has been feeling a lot better but there was still some residual tightness so I wanted to do a follow up to make sure things were staying loose.  So far so good...I needed nowhere near the number of needles as I had the last time...I'm guessing I had close to 40, whereas this time I maybe had 10 and she did a really good one right in the calf where it was bothering me.  It hurt like a son of gun but after our run on Saturday, I didn't have any pain.  Yessss.

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: rest

Friday: bootcamp a.m./PISE p.m.
Hurray!  Back at morning bootcamp...D is finished her April hiatus so we decided to meet up at bootcamp Friday morning.  I felt a bit rusty at first (or maybe just not used to hauling my butt up at 5am anymore) but it felt really good to run hard and do some hills.  Kinda forgotten how much I love starting my day with a workout, just gives me so much energy.  The other thing I noticed is that my cardio has actually seemed to have improved over the past month, whereas I would have thought it would have dropped since I wasn't doing any sprints or absolutely none.  I think all those hard circuits and strength work we've been doing with Josh have been really helping with my endurance...hills actually seem easier than when I was doing the run clinic last year and doing loads of hills and speedwork.  Woohooo!!!  PISE class at night was mostly mobility and some stretching type stuff which was exactly my was a gorgeous, warm evening and I was a bit tuckered out from morning class so some low key stuff was perfect.

Saturday: 10K run
A gorgeous morning for a run!  Hubs was a bit tired from hockey Friday night and I was a bit tired from a double day on Friday, so we plodded along slowly and chatted the kilometres away.  Love our weekend runs.

Food post to come soon...promise!

Lentil salad with mint from America's Test Kitchen and Spicy Butternut Squash soup from Meatless.

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Char said...

It's interesting that you find your endurance has improved even though you haven't been focusing on it so much. I wonder if it's just that our strength has improved so it's easier to get up the hills or if the strength work is done in a way to give you an endurance effect. I'll have to ask my son about that one.