Wednesday, May 22, 2013

2013 - Week 20 Recap

OK, I'm gonna start this post with a rant. 

Why, oh why do running and athletic stores always carry such awful colour choices for women's runners?  This has driven me crazy for ages...the guys all have the cool colours like neon yellow, turquoise and orange, whereas the women's shoes are all these awful "girly" colours like muted purples, pinks and mauves.  I'm sorry, not all women want to wear pink and purple shoes! 

Case in are my ugly ass shoes (can we say blah? and yes, I have freakishly long thumbs):

These are Hubs' awesome shoes (set against a mountainscape, no less):

Come on, people!   Seriously?  Why do guys get the cool colours with the cool styles!?  I know, I's not about the look but geez.  Every time I put my shoes on, I think blech...I hate the colour (or lack thereof) and even asked if they had anything different but I decided to go with it because I needed new runners badly and figured most stores would carry the same colour.  Today I happen to drop by a local boutique running store where the buyer isn't some old dude with milquetoast taste, and happen upon my runners but in awesome, cool colours...



Sunday: rest

Monday:  bootcamp a.m./PISE p.m.
Start of a busy exercise week!  Three double days this week...I know, crazy right?  I just hate missing morning bootcamps with D, and love the PISE classes too so double days it is for now.  This week's workout at PISE was a killer...

One of the ladies emailed me this photo, but before she did that I wrote it out from memory in my iPhone and actually called it "The Killer".  So it looks rather innocuous...what's five pushups or five push presses, right?  Except we did each set for five minutes straight, twice through.  Josh is a big meanie.

Tuesday: rest

Wednesday:  bootcamp a.m./PISE p.m.
Crazy workout day today...morning was bootcamp with a substitute for first I was relieved but she was tough as nails for a wee thing.  We ran around one of the lakes and would stop intermittently and she'd throw in some exercises.  Normally it probably wouldn't have been that bad but I ended up running with a few other girls, one of who was really pushing the pace.  At the end of the class as we walked back to the cars, she mentioned that she was going hard, which kind of relieved me because I was thinking either I was totally out of shape or we were running awfully fast.  Awesome though, as I like getting pushed!  PISE workout was the same as Monday's, but we ended up increasing the weights so by the end, I was absolutely dying.  Usually there's a bit of funny chatter and joking during our workouts...not so, that night...all you could hear was us all gasping for breath and the occasional groan.  It was a great workout and I loved/hated it at the same time. After I went home, I basically ate dinner and fell asleep on the couch.  Did I mention that Josh is a big meanie?

Thursday: rest

Friday:  bootcamp a.m./PISE p.m.
More running with the pushing-the-pace lady at morning bootcamp.  Seriously, this lady is speedy...I was struggling to keep up with her as we ran some local trails.  I was looking forward to a fairly relaxed class that night but nope...we ended up doing some weights, similar to what we did at the beginning way back in January.  And then...cue scary music...we did assisted pullups.  Ack!  Not gonna lie, I found them tough after not having done any lifting for awhile and was crazy sore for days afterwards (love it). 

Saturday: 10K run
I was so not into this, but Hubs and I went out and ran a very, very, very pokey 10K.  Like I probably coulda walked faster, but whatevs, man...we did it.  Seven workouts this week, yeehaw!

Food was on target.  Next week's recap might not be quite so stellar though...Hubs and I are on staycation and we've loosened things up for the week.  Sometimes, ya gotta live a little.

Mea culpa...I've made no new recipes the past few weeks as I've had no oven...darn thing was busted but we got it fixed, so I'm back in business this week.

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Char said...

I've managed to get some great coloured shoes this year - deep, vibrant purple and yellow and the other pair is watermelon red with lime. But I do covet my son's shoes which are electric blue and lime. They're awesome.