Thursday, May 23, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1.  Nourish
Hubs and I have been on staycation this week and so far it's been fabulous!  It's been a real mishmash of relaxing and working around the house...we've powerwashed, cleaned, purged and weeded every inch of the house (wheeee, feels awesome!) as well as spa'd (OK, that was just me!), lounged, slept in and noshed on some really good eats. One place that I really wanted to let everyone know about is a wee little place called Nourish.  Having heard rave reviews about this place from our Mindful Strides coach Marilyn, my interest was piqued and I kept putting this on the list of places to try one day, and this Sunday was that day.  Having just spent a dreamy three hours at the spa getting exfoliated, massaged and pedicured to death, I met up with Hubs and we decided to hit Nourish for lunch.  This place just won a local foodie award for one of the best kept secrets in Victoria...they focus on quality wholesome and healthy meals that taste delicious...sold!

Here is the view from where I sat...this place is actually set right in the Horticultural Centre of the Pacific, where the gardens are a-maz-ing...

truly gorgeous peaceful...

And here is the food:

zomg...that's all I gotta say...

Hubs had the Sleepy Beauty, which was spiced oatmeal pancakes with coconut whipped cream, fruit preserves, maple syrup and pumpkin seeds, and he threw in a chipotle chicken sausage on a whim.  My meal was the Benny's Gone Nuts...poached eggs with a vegan cashew hollandaise, kale mushroom sauté on a perfectly baked sweet potato...I was a copycat and also threw in a sausage.  After the first bite, I was in heaven...the cashew hollandaise was fantastic, lightly lemon-y and perfect as I've been trying to avoid dairy...a totally healthy and delicious meal.  Hubs really liked his pancakes too, which were more like an oatcake and he loved the sausage.  As we sat there, I just kept sighing and think how beautiful this spot was, how yummy the food tasted and how happy I was to be sitting with Hubs.  I'll be back.

2.  Macaron
I had my first macaron today and I just gotta say...I don't really get what the big deal is.  A macaron store just opened up not that long ago in downtown Victoria and we always walk past it to get our morning coffees so I decided one day I would try one...I mean, being a foodie and all, it's like my job, right?  So dutifully I tried one today and meh...they weren't bad but not something I'd seek out. 

OK, and for those of you who are thinking those coconut things?  That's a macarOOn...believe me, I was confused too because when I first heard that a macaron store was opening in Victoria, I remember thinking that's weird...a whole store for those coconut chocolate things?  Hah!

3.  Volunteering Again!
Second volunteering gig of the year on deck this weekend!  I'll be helping out at the finish line again at the Oak Bay Half Marathon, so I'll be helping to set up, take down and hand out medals!  I gets to hands out medals, people!  I'm so excited, I'll even put up with barfing again.

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Char said...

Thank goodness there's someone else out there who's ambivalent to macarons. I don't get the fuss either. They're fine - just not that exciting.