Wednesday, May 29, 2013

2013 - Week 21 Recap

Oh le sigh.  Staycation is officially over and it was a great, great week.  We were only off a little bit longer than a week, but it was very much needed time off and Hubs and I made pretty good use of our vaycay.  We did tons of stuff around the house but also fit in lots of relaxation time too, and...drumroll please...booked a vacation for Maui this year!  Wheeeeeeee!!  We were both thinking of only doing staycations this year and saving our money for Europe in 2014, but we just figured you only live once, and why deprive yourself of the things you love?  And we definitely love Maui.  Can't wait to get back there and smell the plumeria in the air.  Love.


Sunday:  30 mins treadmill
After hours and hours working around the house, Hubs and I were exhausted but we dutifully worked out in our home gym.  Not gonna lie, I was this close to blowing it off.


Tuesday:  rest

Wednesday:   bootcamp a.m./PISE p.m.
Killer upper body workout today day!  Jason was back from completing Ironman Texas in a kickass time and was still recovering (thankfully...hee hee!) so didn't take us around the lakes for a run, but we did hill repeats with exercises thrown in after each repeat.  So the first upper body killer was two rounds of pushups, 25 each round.  At evening class with Josh, he had us do four exercises (overhead farmer walk, T-pushups, thrusters and renegade rows) ten times each, ten quickly doing the math, that was 100 pushups so 150 pushups for the day, all from the toes and I tried as hard as I could to keep good form.  I actually remember laying down outside of PISE, staring up at the sky and thinking eff me, I'm tired!  My arms seriously felt like they were going to fall off...I basically went home, threw some dinner at my face, crawled to the couch, curled up in a ball and fell sound asleep.

Thursday: rest

Friday:  PISE p.m.
Turkish getups!  If anyone's never seen these before, here's a crazy video showing how it's done...

Note, I did this with a five pound weight and not a girl on my arm and it was kinda hard.  Ha!

Saturday:  10K run

Being that we were on staycation, we eased things up a bit this week with our food but never went crazy nuts.  A few more restaurant meals but we really tried to choose wisely...I'm all over healthy eating, but sometimes you have to enjoy life too!  It's all about balance, right?

Thank god our oven is fixed...$600 later...gack!  Some crazy circuit board thingie blew so we had to do it as I needs my oven.  New recipes this week were a farro risotto from Clean Eating and a mediterranean chickpea lentil salad. 

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Char said...

Holidays are always too short. But I've heard that the best remedy for post-holiday-itis is to book another one. Smart move. Maui will be fun!