Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bring on the RUNNING!

One of my friends L posted on her Facebook the other day that she was going to start training for a half marathon - the BMO Vancouver Half Marathon to be exact.  As I posted excitedly on her wall (one day we runners will take over the world!), I started thinking about my running plans...or lack thereof.  Yikes!  Christmas has been so busy and we're gearing up for our big trip to Hong Kong so I haven't really been thinking about racing that much.  Hubs and I have been keeping up our long weekend runs and our workouts so I'm pretty comfortable with starting half marathon training after we get back at the beginning of February for the Oak Bay Half Marathon in May.  It'll be my first time running that race so I'm interested to see what the course is.  It's a smaller race but it seems to be gaining in popularity and they had chip timing for the first time last year.  Awesome!  I hope..I break the sub 2 hour barrier that keeps evading me.  I'm always off by a few minutes!  I think the weight loss through the Ten Pound Challenge will make the difference, plus the additional strength training that I'm incorporating into my workouts.  I vow to not let my muscles atrophy in favour of cardio!

Then....the marathon.  Dah-duh-duh!   Training for that starts in May, so basically that means that the running off season is over as soon as we're back from Hong Kong.  I think I just got a tingle.  Ha!  I'm excited - I'm still smarting from missing last year so will do everything possible to see the marathon through to completion. I feel a list coming on?

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