Sunday, January 2, 2011

Inspiration Part Deux

I've posted a few times before about Ben Davis over at Ben Does Life the guy who started running and completely changed his life.  He wrote this post that just absolutely knocked my socks off...he's another make-your-goals-public kinda person, and I'm so inspired by what he's got in the hopper for his 2011 goals.  Ben has lost 120 pounds, run marathons and done an he's accomplished a lot by most people's standards, right?  He's been on NBC and CBC, talking about this journey...he's going to be on the cover of Runners World - Runners World.  Wow.  Now he's taking it to a whole new level and wanting to start a race series, write a book and tour the country doing speaking engagements.  His post is so honest and I can totally hear the passion that he has for what he does.   I know I've gone on and on before about how he inspires me, but I'm gonna say it again (and it's my blog, dammit!) - he motivates me, and every time I think that's it, he tops it again.  He's got me thinking a lot and pondering, and the wheels are whirring and turning in my scared people, be scared.

Do life.

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