Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Cool App

I've mentioned before that I track my exercise and food daily - I got into the habit three years ago when I started bootcamp, and with a few minor blips, I've been tracking pretty consistently.  It's really useful because it helps me see what I'm eating and where I can make improvements...plus I like tracking how often I exercise and what body parts I'm working out. 

My coworker M was playing with her iPhone today and found a cool new app called myfitnesspal that helps you track your food and exercise.  Immediately intrigued but unfortunately iPhone-less (I will get on that bandwagon soon!), I went online and signed myself up on the website which you can find here.  I've tried a few other food trackers and found them not great - but I really like this one.  They have a lot of food choices, so it makes it really easy to track your food intake.  And kinda fun.  It also has some report options and I really like being able to get my carb/fat/protein breakdown for the day, which I can't really see when I'm just journaling my food on paper. Two thumbs up on this neat tool!

Next step - get me an iPhone.  Strictly for the health and running apps only though.  Heh.

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