Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 - So Far, So Good

Ahhhh....what beautiful weather for the first day of 2011...perfect!  We had a really nice quiet evening at home last night - we had our crazy free meal and decided to watch a movie.  So I'm sure you're all wondering - after two months of strict eating, what was my first night of foodie freedom like?  Did I go buck wild?  Did I eat myself into a food coma?  Was I like a caged animal that is finally set free, gnashing my teeth as I ate?

Pretty much for the entire Ten Pound Challenge, all Hubs and I have been dreaming about is our New Year's Eve meal - what would we eat, what should we do?  So before I describe what was on the menu, I'm going to post a warning for those with weak may all sound gross because there's no rhyme or reason, but it was what we craved.  So here goes...

Kettle corn
Salt and vinegar chips
Bacon wrapped smoked oysters
Smoked oyster spread
Asiago and cheese crisps (John WM Macy brand from Costco - holy CRAP are these good...just sayin')
Raincoast crisps
Cheese platter - boursin/applewood cheddar/goat cheese
Chow mein
Fried rice
Crispy bbq pork
Christmas baking

Crazy, right?  I gotta say - it was delish as it went down...but during the last while we've been cutting down our portion sizes so I had a little bit of everything and that was it...I was satisfied.  I wasn't stuffed.  I didn't gorge myself. I felt no coma coming on.  And then...and then...after I ate all these things that I'd been craving for months, all I could think about was "wow, I really could go for a nice fruit salad or something" so decided to have a few oranges.  Could it be....has it happened....that my tastes have completely changed?!  And not too soon after, my stomach started to hurt and I felt kinda sick.  Wow.  Is this the same person who pounded back chips, chocolate, nachos, pizza and instant noodles all in one night, no problem?  Crazy!  Anyways I'm back on the good food train on tomorrow so am going to fully enjoy the break while it lasts.

After dinner we watched The Other Guys with Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell - two big thumbs up, there were a ton of laugh out loud moments and come's got Mark Wahlberg!  He's pretty easy on the eyes, no?  Midnight came quickly, and we headed off to bed as we had the Resolution Run this morning.  Hubs has a sore back so we decided to walk the full 10K distance.  It was awesome, a great turn out this year (even though the jackets were horrid - pylon orange, anyone?).  It was freezing cold, but a gorgeous sunny morning and it felt great to get outside, get our bodies moving and start the year off right. 

So here I sit on a beautiful day to start the new year...chilling out at home like I had planned with my laptop, my travel books and my Hubs - sounds pretty damn awesome to me.  If this is a sign of things to come for 2011 - I think I'm gonna like it.

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