Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It Takes a Village...

You know the saying...it takes a village to raise a child?  Well, it also takes a village to band together to achieve a goal and that goal is living a healthier lifestyle.  CBC is doing a ten-part reality series called "Village on a Diet" where the little village of Taylor, British Columbia is embarking on a journey to lose one ton in three months.  I saw the trailers for this show and I was intrigued - apparently 60% of the town's population are overweight or obese and the population is only 1300!  That's crazy statistics.  I watched the first show and thought it was so cool that the whole village would band together and support one another through this.  I'm sure there will be ups and downs, but this is a situation where peer pressure can be a good thing!  I was watching the news and of course there's a ton of health and fitness related stuff since it's the new year...but one stat really stuck with me...that 40% of people will be motivated to exercise/eat better only after a medical diagnosis.  Wow.

Here's the link to the site and the first episode if you're so inclined.  I know I'll be watching and cheering Taylor on.  Woot!

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