Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Yay, it's Gratituesday today!  I always like Gratituesday because I enjoy reflecting on the good things in my life - it's so easy to get caught up in the minutae and shite of the day to day that can drag you down.  So...here are the things I'm grateful for today:

  1. Yoga.  I went to that free session at the place by my house I was mentioning last week, and I feel great.  Better than great, incredible.  My back and upper neck were feeling so sore and tight, but after this session they feel so nice and loose.   I feel soooooo good right now.  Thank you, yogis of the world, for spreading the word about yoga.
  2. I'm so grateful for my friends and family.  I know, I say it all the time but I can't say enough how important they are to me, so I'm sayin' it again.
  3. I'm grateful to the makers of Holy Crap for...well, creating Holy Crap!  I'm hooked on this stuff and so happy that it's so good for me too.  I've been doing a raw muesli type mix of 1cup Silk organic soy milk, 2 tbsp of Holy Crap and 1 package of Nature's Path organic hemp oatmeal the last few days and I can't get enough of it.  I put it all in a bowl, let it sit for about five minutes to thicken up and then chow it down.  So.freaking.good.  Stats for this vegan brekkie is 340 calories, 30g carbs, 11g fat (good fats!), 15g protein.  Excellent.
  4. Blogging and the whole blogging community.  I've learned so much from blogs, met some cool bloggers online and have found a creative outlet that I absolutely love.  I only wish I had more time to blog and read blogs as I'm totally addicted.  Darn day job, such a nuisance.  Kidding!! 


Anonymous said...

So I went and bought some Holy Crap after run club on Sunday. I've been adding it to the milk and letting it sit but to be honest I'm finding the texture a little slimey. Suggestions?

Cindy said...

Hmmmm...I can see the slimy bit, the chia plumps up and kinda gets 'slippery'! I find that if I add the oatmeal to it, it adds volume/texture so I don't really notice the slimy-ness. You could try a muesli like Alpen if plain oatmeal is too blah, or maybe another healthy cereal that would add some texture? If you're OK with dairy, you could maybe add it to Greek yoghourt more like a topping and the seeds would stay more crunchy rather than absorb the liquid and go more slimy. Hope that helps!!

Amanda said...

I love that your comments are gu chomps:) Sometimes I think I only run so I can have Gu and other yummy sports things!