Thursday, April 28, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1.  Gratithursday

Zoiks, I missed Gratituesday again this week!  I was too caught up with the Canucks/Chicago Game 7 hoopla and kinda forgot.  So before I get into what I'm grateful for this week, I was reflecting on the whole Gratituesday thing and I find it's really made a difference in my perspective.  You know how when you buy a certain type of car, and then next thing you know you're driving down the street and you see your model of car all over the place?  That's kind of how it's been for I keep seeing things to be grateful for everywhere and it's really shown me the power of thinking positively.  Now don't get me wrong...I'm by no means perfect in this and I still have my moments when I kvetch or need to rant, but now I'm really trying to be mindful of what comes out of my mouth because lately I've come to realize just how draining I find negative people are.  Like completely energy zapping.  And I don't want to be one of those people who other people avoid or hate to be around, so I'm going to really try to curb the negativity.  Anyways...on to what I'm thankful for this week:

 - I'm grateful for the Canucks winning Game 7!
 - I'm grateful for long weekends
 - I'm grateful for gorgeous sunny spring days like we had today
 - I'm grateful for cool neighbours who want to hang with me at 3am
 - I'm grateful for my health
 - I'm grateful for my friends and family
 - I'm grateful for My Best Day Ever

2.  Tapering

Taper time!  Last week was our last longer run, so on the schedule this Saturday is a nice 13K run.  Hubs is back on the Saturday rotation, so we'll be up and it 'er early to get our run in before he has to head to work.  I don't think we'll taper a ton so we stay sharp for the half, but definitely will rest up the last week before. 

3.  Royal Wedding

So is anyone else kinda caught up in the royal wedding gig?  I wasn't that excited about it but last week there were a gazillion shows about William and Kate, and I kinda started watching and now I'm all sucked in.  A neighbour of ours is having some of the girls in the hood over for a proper English breakfast complete with scones, devonshire cream and other assorted goodies!  Can't wait...I'll have to be up at 3am, but you only see the future King of England get married once in your life, right?  Hmmm...better head to bed soon...

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