Saturday, April 9, 2011

Half Marathon Week 8 - 15K

So, so sleepy!  There's nothing like the nice, cozy feeling you get after a long hot shower after a hard run.  At this moment, I can barely keep my eyes open!  Run this morning was so-so...definitely not the stellar feeling run that I had last week, that's for sure.  We decided to do the downtown Victoria/Dallas Rd route as Hubs had to be downtown at 9am, so we got up far too early on the weekend at 5:45am to get ourselves dressed, downtown and running by 6:45am.  Yes, we are crazy!

While I started off feeling pretty good, for the majority of the run we were running straight into really strong headwinds.  I really had to put my head down to fight through them, and had to pump my arms hard to grind it out.  Bleh.  Pretty much no stretch of the run felt easy, except when we were running along the breakwater...on the way out it felt like I was running with a parachute strapped on my back, but on the way back the wind was pushing us so I felt like a champion!  I just hope that on the day of the Oak Bay Half that if there's any wind, it's pushing me along.  Weather gods, are you listening?  Ha!

The other boneheaded thing that I did was that at one point I had to turn my garmin off (I stop the time when I have to cross streets) and forgot to turn it back on.  Gah!  So in total we ran 15K, but my stats are only showing for 14K - 1:22:10, 5:52/km pace. 

The other thing that I think may have affected my run (besides the fact that I didn't have a cupcake the day before my long run, like I did last week...hee hee!) was that I had a few glasses of wine with my buddy B on Friday night.  I wasn't drunk or anything, but I really felt the after-effects such as the dehydration and tiredness last night, I couldn't stop drinking water all night and woke up totally parched this morning.  My plan for the Oak Bay Half is to cut out all boozahol at least three weeks before the race and hydrate heavily the week before. 

Hmmm.  Maybe I'm onto something with the cupcake/running thing...

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