Saturday, April 16, 2011

Half Marathon Week 9 - 15K - Meh  That run was probably one of the hardest and worst runs I've ever had in my life!  Hubs and I lazed around this morning and didn't get out there until about 11-ish which is crazy late for us to start running, so we're not sure if that was a factor.  I've been feeling really pretty tired this week at bootcamp, and really gassed during the workouts which weren't any harder than normal - at one point I had a hard time catching my breath and another time I started to see stars.  Anyways, poor Hubs struggled from the get go - he played hockey last night, so likely used up a lot of his energy then.   I started off poorly as well - I had a terrible stitch that didn't go away until about 7K - I felt OK up until we hit about 10K and then it was all downhill from there.  If this was what hitting the wall is like...I ain't never want to revisit it again!   I kept having to stop and walk, and couldn't even get half a kilometre without taking a walking break.  Not good.  We even ran on a new trail (Lochside) which was gorgeous and relatively flat, but it still didn't help.

So...I won't shame myself and post my stats.  Afterwards, Hubs and I talked about how interesting it is that some runs are so awesome, and some so crappy.  I always wonder what it is that makes the difference - is it the food?  Did we eat too much carb?  Too little?  Too early?  Too late?  I think what we have discovered is that the earlier the better for our runs so while it felt nice to sleep in...we'll have to try to get out there by 9am at the very latest.

Next week - 20K run on the race course.  Then taper time!

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Marianne said...

We have good days and bad days in everything, and running's no different! There is nothing to be ashamed about, as long as you have used this experience to keep learning, keep tweaking, keep improving.