Sunday, April 24, 2011

Half Marathon Week 10 - Now You're Talking

Alright!  Lovin' the long weekend so far.  Hubs and I decided that instead of doing our usual Saturday long run, that we were going to get up early and hit the trail by 6:30...none of this sleeping in business!  Saturday was a gorgeous day, and it felt really good to be out nice and early before the trails got too busy...there was maybe three other people there when we first arrived.  We decided to do Elk Lake, which is this awesome 10K loop around the lake and decided to go counterclockwise first as its just slightly uphill for most of the run. 

Off we went...the first 7K felt a bit tough but overall not bad.  I started getting my speed up between 8 - 15K, and felt pretty good up until about 18K when I got pretty tired...the last 2K felt harder but overall I was pretty happy with how I felt.  And it was SO much better than last week, I can't even tell you!

Overall stats for this run - 5:57/km pace, 1:59:18.  Tomorrow, Hubs and I are going to do a short 6K run around the hood so I'm going to do a tempo run at race pace.  Woohoo - two and a half more weeks until the Oak Bay Half! 

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