Monday, April 4, 2011

Training Plans

So, like remember how I said how much I loved yoga?   Well...I've been a bit remiss and haven't done it since oh...maybe about October-ish.  I signed up for a session around then and it got cancelled due to low enrollment, so I never did end up signing back up again.  Then came the Ten Pound Challenge and Christmas, and then after that Hong Kong...anyways, I think I'm going to start up again.  My coworker M was mentioning today that she was interested in doing some classes, so we're going to do this intro class together at a studio really close to my place and if I like it, then I'm going to sign up.  I've been wanting to try this studio but didn't really want to go by myself, so it's awesome I've got someone else to go with!  I have to get back into legs are feeling really tight, and I think it'll be good especially once I start marathon training.  And not to mention how much I looooooved it when I did it. 

Speaking of marathon training plans...I've officially marked down all my long runs in my daytimer and am thinking hard about the training plan.  I want to keep up with bootcamps and yoga, while still making sure I put in enough time on my feet for the marathon but incorporating rest days.  Gah!   I think my plan is going to be something like this:

Sunday:  rest day/yoga
Monday:  bootcamp
Tuesday:  medium run (40 - 60 minutes)/yoga
Wednesday:  bootcamp
Thursday:  medium run
Friday:  rest day
Saturday:  long run

I normally do bootcamp on Fridays, but find that it made my legs tired for those really long runs so I think I'll try taking rest days the day before and after.  The tough part of this schedule...the Tuesday and Thursday runs are going to have to be done in the morning as I get cramps if I run after it means getting up at 5am four days in a row.  Yikes.

Anyways, this is the tentative schedule for now and I may rejig once I get into the groove. Getting excited now!

PS.  I'm feeling better and only slightly funky.  Don't know if it was the booze from Saturday night (I may have overindulged a bit...and isn't alcohol a depressant?) but glad to be pulling out of the funk!

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