Saturday, June 25, 2011

Marathon Quest 2011 - Week Three Recap

I feel sooooo much better this week I can't even tell you.  I was so insanely tired last week I could barely function, but I've been feeling pretty good this week.  As I mentioned earlier, I probably wasn't eating enough and that extra day of getting up at 5am was catching up to me.  I have to admit - it's really hard balancing the food because I need enough to keep fueled and feeling good, but not so much that I end up with the dreaded marathon weight gain which I packed on last year.  I'll have to keep tweaking things until I find a good balance between keeping my energy up and keeping my weight down!

Sunday - rest day

Ahhhh, yes.  Love the rest day.  Is it wrong that I still get the itch to work out though? 

Monday - bootcamp

Sarge taught bootcamp again and it was kick ass as usual.  We did a lot of hills and leg work, and unfortunately on one of the exercises I could feel my right hamstring scream back at me to stop the eff what I was doing.  Argh!  We'd just done a whole whack of lunges and then we were doing this exercise where you have to balance on what leg while bending and touching your toes.  It's feeling better, but I can tell it's still not super happy with me.

Tuesday - 6k run treadmill

Same old, same old.

Wednesday - 10K 6K run

I shortened up the run as my right foot was kinda bugging me and the hamstring still felt sore.  Hubs joined me again.  I'm considering switching out the days and doing a 10K run on the treadmill on Tuesdays and 6K runs on Wednesdays as I like running with Hubs in the morning and we can just head home together afterwards. 

Thursday - rest day

Friday - bootcamp

Oy vey.  We had an instructor that usually doesn't teach our classes, and he was tough.  Tough.  We did a short run, then had us do a few sets of hundreds - each set was one hundred pushups, one hundred tricep dips and one hundred side lunges...and needless to say, my upper body is super sore today.  Sore in a good way though...I actually like the feeling of being sore because I know I've pushed my body and it's going to get stronger.  I know, I'm a freak. 

Saturday - 13K run

Hubs and I headed out onto our favourite trail - tons of people out today running, walking and cycling.  It was weird, we were a bit out of sorts because we kept forgetting stuff.  Hubs forgot a towel and I forgot to put on my Garmin.  Crazy!  And I even noticed that my arms felt naked, but I couldn't figure out what it was.  Sooo brain dead...think we need a vacation!  Anyways, overall run was good...poor Hubs though, he played hockey last night so he was a bit gassed.

Third week over!  I'm a little leg/foot isn't happy and I can feel it when I'm running.  I've got a physio appointment booked on Monday, so we'll see what she says.   Got in all my stretches and exercises sessions, and am going to amp up my stretching even more now.  We ran into an old coworker of Hubs' that is also a runner, and she asked if she could offer one piece of advice, and that was to stretchstretchstretch.  She didn't and apparently her muscles were in this big lump because they were so tight, and she hasn't been able to run for quite awhile.  I have it on my schedule to stretch every day, but will definitely spend more time getting it in running and can't imagine what I'd do if I couldn't do it, so want to prevent any injuries I can!

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