Thursday, June 9, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1.  Canucks

Yes...I know.  All I have to say is, they're just taking the hard way to get there, kinda like the Canadian Men's Hockey team did at the Olympics, right?  And look how that turned out!  You can do it boys, hang in there!  Go Canucks Go!

2.  Physio

I went to see my physio for a check in since now I'm officially starting marathon training foot is bugging me, but it's now the inside of my foot.  My physio says it is still to do with how I'm striking and all related to a weak core which is making me roll my body all over the place.  We went through all the exercises again and refined them even more to really strengthen specific muscles and then she killed me with the needles again.  I definitely have a love/hate relationship with works like a hot damn, but I always feel so bad as I can't stop myself from wincing or gasping in pain.  Poor physio, she's so nice that she always apologizes!  I haven't gone through childbirth, but there were a few spots last night that I can imagine could be similar...ouch.

3.  My Secret Garden

Along with food and running, gardening is absolutely one of my passions.  I love it!  I love the satisfaction of seeing things grow, I love the feeling of seeing how the garden changes from week to week and day to day, I love being able to use fresh herbs from the pots that we have on our deck.  Last summer Hubs and I put in a new garden bed in our backyard - it was absolutely backbreaking work as we had to wheelbarrow five yards of dirt from the front of our house to the back - but we're reaping the rewards this year for sure.  This is strictly an ornamental bed...we have an area behind our house where we're going to put in a veggie garden but that's next year's project...we figured we'd give our backs a rest this year.  First year the plants grew a bit but not too much, but this year they're really filling in and things are just starting to bloom.   I had a landscape designer  help me with the design, and overall I'm pretty happy!  Things are blooming at different times so there'll hopefully always be something of interest in the garden.  There's a few things I'll have to move around - apparently I picked a very tall and vigorous brand of shasta daisy and placed it right at the front of the bed - whoops!  Anyways, just had to brag a bit about the garden as I'm admiring it from the couch as I blog.  Happy sigh.

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