Sunday, February 27, 2011

Half Marathon Week 2 - 15K...Sorta

Did I mention that I hate snow?  Well, OK I don't mind it if I'm at home, all cozy and snug as a bug in a rug with a hot toddy...and I love it if it snows so much that Hubs and I can't get into work so we get a snow day...but as a general rule...not a fan.  Why?  Cuz it stops me from running!  Yes...yes...I can pretty much hear all the people out east snorting derisively...if I was a diehard, I'd be out there no matter what.  We had 15K scheduled this weekend, and we weren't sure what our usual running route would be like - it's bike/walking trail so it's not like anyone would go out there and shovel it.  The temps have been really low since it snowed as well, so we were worried that the path would be a sheet of ice so we decided to do the 15K on the treadmill.  Yep...90 minutes of running on the "dreadmill"...and I gotta tell ya, soooo boring!  We got up at 6am and we took turns running - thank god we have a television down there to help the time pass, and we kept each other company through our ordeal.  So...while it wasn't ideal - I was really wanting to see how I handled a 15K distance on the road  - we still got 'er done.

On another note - I'm gonna put this out there because I need the accountability.  My food has been going a bit south and I'm snacking way too much, especially at night.  While the stuff I'm eating isn't too bad, I really need to clean it up and stop the apres 7pm snacking.  So this week, my goal is to clean up my eating and cut back on the snacks.  Go!

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