Monday, February 7, 2011

I'm Alive!

....but barely...jetlag has hit us really hard and I caught a nasty nasty cold the second to last day that we were there.  We got back from Hong Kong Saturday afternoon, and we had a fantastic time...really incredible...I miss it already.  As we walked around all the various districts, all I saw around me were Asian girls dressed in black...I almost threw up my hands and yelled out "I'm here among my people!" Ha ha...I'm always teased that I don't wear colour and stick with mostly grey, white and black and now I know my affliction is genetic.  Anyways, the city is like nothing we've ever experienced - the sounds, the smells, and there are people out and about at all times of the day.  The city was teeming constantly with bodies.  I was happy that Hubs really liked it - he's not into crowds, but he loved the shopping and eating that Hong Kong offers...and it's an incredibly easy city to get around.  And yes, we ate and ate and pants are a wee bit snug at the moment, so I definitely enjoyed myself fully!  It actually felt good to eat a salad today and get in a good workout - must lose some of this vacation weight gain if I have any hope of PBing at the half.  And that being that the holidays are over, it's full steam ahead for training for the half marathon in May...gotta hunker down and get down to business.

Anyways, look out over the next few days for posts and pics of our time away - the pic above is a little teaser from our visit to the Tian Tan Buddha, which is the world's largest seated buddha at 85 feet tall.  Le sigh....I want to go back.  Now.

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