Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Rules for Boston the talk amongst runners today is the qualifying changes for the Boston Marathon:

In 2012, the BAA will institute rolling admission for qualifiers with the fastest runners being allowed to enter first. The field will be filled with the fastest of all qualifiers. Then, in 2013, the BAA will make it more difficult to qualify by lowering time standards by five minutes across all age groups and both genders. The rolling admission process also will remain in place for 2013 and future marathons, continuing to allow the fastest runners to enter first.

I was perusing a few running blogs today and there's a few upset people out there....qualifying for Boston is a dream of many runners, me included...and with these changes, it will mean that I'll likely never BQ.  Of course, that would involve actually running and completing a marathon, but that's besides the point! 

So I was do I feel about this?  Boston is seen as THE elite race...and honestly...I feel that the fastest runners should get first dibs.  Maybe it's natural running talent, maybe it's the fact that they've trained their asses off - but whatever the reasoning, if you're the best, you deserve to get in before someone who just squeaks in under the qualifying time.  And...with the race selling out so quickly, they needed to do something to narrow the field.   Anyways, maybe I'm more blase about the changes because I know I'd probably never qualify (3:45 for my age group) - but a girl can always dream, right?  Never say never.

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